Wednesday 30 April 2014

Eclectic Decorating

I really loathe decorating , im a great believer in lots of emulsion paint , not in white . White is my mothers addiction , i always thing its cold or maybe i just associate it with
Now by know most people will have realised that i collect Victorian , prints , china , books the list is endless , but i also like vintage and retro . So i thought id show you a few of the weirder decorative items that have stayed as guests .  If you have a scooter nut in the family you should always clothe his ornaments with Lego Men and my current favourite McDonalds Minions .

No home is complete without a couple of 3ft garden gnomes in the living room , I love these but in the garden theyre light enough to be stolen and as they are Mothers Day gifts from the munchkin, inside they must stay , they scare anybody walking down the path , new postmen being a favourite , Mr Bah Humbug has threatened to install red glowing eyes

Something that has been lurking near the front door at a number of houses meet George , he has recently been fetchingly improved with the addition of a Mike the Knight helmet courtesy of the munchkin .
So is the definition of eclectic decorating just adding things that make you smile ? or just not pleasing anyone but yourself

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