Monday 14 April 2014

In praise of daughters

did you really think id manage 2 car boot sales and not come back with something for the Home for Rescued Volumes ?   1923 dilapidated Scholgirls Own Annual  , flicked this one open in a box of 50p volumes and home it was going . Guess what lured me ? I opened it and it was full of Bessie Bunter , one of my mothers favourite derogatory names for me, I guess she once had this book even though it was before her time , but as the plain fat bookish tomboy that i was , i always was such a disappointment to her .

Lifes sort of funny that way, my ultra glamour puss mummy was given a lumpy boring child,  meanwhile i got a stunningly beautiful twiglet daughter who thinks shes a failure because she cant read as fast as i can The look of horror on her face when people point out that you always end up like your mother is priceless . No love you wont get fat  . Yes you are turning into me , you lose everything and your parking is appalling but you will get the hang of cooking one day

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