Wednesday, 15 March 2023


 Im not sure if any of you remember the Father Ted scene when Ted was trying to explain perspective to Dougal with a plastic cow. Near Cow far away cow etc . well this week i did a blinder , now im a chronic online auction stalker . But im always broke so i dont win a lot because i tend to only bid a couple of pounds here and there . This time of year is always busy with sales , the auctioneers call it the dying season .  Well bonny bright person i am , i decided to do a wee bit of bidding due to not been able to go anywhere because of the foul weather last week . there was a 2 day auction locally and i had seen a jam jar of buttons in one pile something i have a terrible problem with, i have literally thousands ive collected them for years so i do know their worth and a jam jar full of old ones is worth paying a couple of  quid for and the rest of the stuff could go to the charity shop if i couldnt think of a use for it . Anyway when i went to pick it up the jam jar was a huge sweet shop jar , a huge flowery ancient Dresden planter that can stay , a huge modern farmhouse jug with a chicken on it and various other large pots and plates . i could barely carry it all , serves me right really . i also bought a set of camo clothing that was new and tagged, figuring one of the boys or grandson would claim it another whole £2. Turns out the trousers alone are £150 grandson wants them because it specialist paintballing clothing ??? who knew, i certainly didnt but for £2 how wrong can i go ...buttons anyone?


  1. Great bargains you certainly got your moneys worth.

  2. Unexpected bargains are the best. I still remember bidding 99p on a badly photographed box of baby clothes when bear was tiny and having this huge parcel arrive with the postage - fifteen years ago - of nearly £10. It's like a triumph when something like that happens and I hope you can celebrate it!