Wednesday 22 March 2023

Everything's Fine

 So i had Mothering Day on Tuesday this year Daughter had gone to Iceland for her birthday so we went out yesterday instead !  I say went out we popped to the garden center for more dead plants and i got  a tray of mixed cabbages for mothers  Then we went and did her grocery shop , Lidl was very barren of fruit and veg but they had what i needed which wasnt a lot due to cost .  I dont think my daughter grasps life on benefits once you get to the bottom of the pile . we have to save for things like the car insurance and pay it in full because our credit rating is to low to pay it monthly plus its a hundred pounds cheaper if you pay it in full. so a bit of a no brainer ive spent £150 since xmas on grocery bills etc , the freezer is about a quarter full still and the cupboatds are a bit barren , we have managed to insure 2 vehicles MOT them both and that while on basic benefit payments , we now have a payrise and hes blowing it on what he wants, yet again everyday the parcels are arriving , he hasnt got the back pay , but nobody has, so once again it will get dragged to the High Court, take a couple of years blah blah blah etc etc etc. Anyway back to our shopping trip , popped into Asda on the way back for what we hadnt got from Lidl a basket full for me and a trolley full for daughter , just inside Asdas porch it was chaos they had boxes and cages everywhere half pricing all the mothers day flowers and plants hundreds of them , i suppose its a sign or hard times that they had so many left or the fact that the cheapest were £10 . So we went back to my daughters for a drink and shes unloading her shopping into the fridge she goes to chuck a plastic wrapped lettuce and himself practically gave birth , she says her other half wont have anything thats out of date so she had to throw  everything away , so i came home with a huge bag of carrots a full bag of parsnips a bag of baby tomatoes a huge punnet of salad tomatoes with one split one ,a big pack of leeks and a head of broccoli all will be processed into the freezer today , i did point out why dont you just buy loose veg that you need each week , then it wont be dated , but i got the stare . Then i also got 3 out of date bottles of beer , so a whole shopping bag of freebies 


  1. That sounds like a very successful shopping trip - to your daughter's if nowhere else!

  2. I really don't understand this 'chucking out' thing that young people are doing these days! We have noses and eyes, which would soon let us know if food was not fit to use!
    On the other hand, you came out of it with a good bag of freebies!

  3. Your belated Mother's Day sounds good to me - and cabbages will be lovely - far more in keeping with the times than the usual - I'm having to think before I spend - as I find it all very worrying x

  4. I love my daughter, but she is the same, and it didn't come from me. I also buy stuff on Flashfood, an app that is set up to help stores get rid of stuff that is close to the expiration date. She is having none of if, even though they have meat, veg and bakery goods at 50% off. We never see the kinds of markdowns on food that I see in the UK blogs...we are in Canada. 30 to 50% is usually it. I have also come home from a visit with past due stuff, but she is a pretty good shopper and doesn't waste too much.