Thursday 14 July 2022


 Now ive been a tad Victor Meldrew of late , mainly thanks to my useless GPs , calling them useless is being polite , but of late all i ever get is locums on the phone , other half gets the usual doctor on the phone im sure they are operating a two tier system , those who they have nearly killed or who have reported them get a fairly reasonable level . The rest of us go from locum to locum . having gone for blood tests the other day only to find that i was only there for diabetes and liver when i was supposedly due for loads more , gets the call from the receptionist the doctor needs to speak to me urgently . so urgently i must message her on ask GP . Great fine go online and its closed for the day, 2 days later i ask about my test results no reply for another 2 day finally get a phone call . Which starts with the bleedin locum

You are not taking your medication these figures are through the roof 

Oh yes i am theyre no bleedin use if theyre passing through in under two hours

you are not taking them please dont lie

i have malabsorption issues that worsen in hot weather of course they are not working read my notes 

there are no notes

Exactly !!!

well you need to increase your exercise levels immensely 

excuse me last time we spoke you told me i musnt go outside  due to the other medication , you remember the ones that say no sunlight that you prescribed!! So would you like me to just run up and down stairs in this heat ?

i will prescribe something else get your bloods done in 3 months and she hung up 

Other half pointed out i was getting a bit irate and as you may have guessed  im still going outside , dread to think what tablets shes left for me, probably tranquilizers 


  1. So is she saying you Can go outside now?Are they allergy type tablets I wonder-Does sunscreen help you-I always wear factor 50 on my face because I'm trying to embalm myself x

    1. blood pressure pills though im sure it would be fine if i didnt have to listen to the utter twaddle they spout , im also a factor 50 girl but i need a certain amount of sun to control my psoriasis and vitamin d deficiency

  2. My mother was recently in a care home and my uncle was very impressed that a doctor did a 'ward round' one day a week, as well as being on call for emergencies, if needed. He jokingly asked if if was possible to check himself in for respite care on one of the doctor's days in order to see a real doctor face to face!

    1. Our friend reckons we all need to join the doctors picket line in order to actually see a doctor.

    2. our actual doctor nearly ran over me the other day in his new Tesla , maybe i would have qualified for a phone appointment?

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  4. Doctor nearly ran you over? Well, that’s more effort than I would go to get an appt. You once wrote that the NHS is trying to kill off all the old people, I am beginning to agree with you! I think everyone here in the States is currently vitamin D deficient and pre diabetic, it seems to be the current diagnosis.

  5. anon Joyce , here in the UK, old people are having dnr's put on their hospital/doctors notes, without permission, been doing it for years.