Thursday, 7 July 2022

Crystal Ball

 So I get my crystal ball out dust it off and look at predictions for later in the year ....

Come October the artist formally known as PM is still taking the piss , hes now claiming he cant leave because CarrieAntoinette is heavily pregnant and you cant move a pregnant woman , someone has pointed out that hes using the law for the traveller community that he was planning to abolish, this may also be the longest pregnancy in the history of mankind. Nadine Dorres has volunteered to be a surrogate , getting the cobwebs off her uterus at her age should be fun . 

Meanwhile Larry The Cat has delayed the party he had planned to celebrate the pissy rat Dylan the dog leaving and has decided to sling his name in the hat for leader . Priti Patel is still in the Home Office she wanted to be leader but they all hate her so its better to leave her making millions of plebs take a plane trip to Rwanda . Gove is off to the Priory and hes taking holy orders because making it to bishop is the only way he will get into The Lords  

On another thought 
Putin is still alive and planning to invade us to prop up Boris because hes his number 1 fan . just kidding honest 


  1. Larry the Cat would absolutely be a better PM. He's the main reason I go on Twitter and he's been hilarious today! (if you haven't seen it

    1. i do think he wins on the integrity platform

  2. Have been busy (or lazy, whatever) and haven't been able to read your posts lately. I just had to come to see what are your thoughts right now... ;-)
    Summer is always a bit easier time, I think.
    (and for the polio in sewage; ever since early 80's there's been polio virus found in sewage, because people were given live but weakened poliovirus vaccine orally (in sugar cubes here where I live). Now it seems there's much more of virus than it used to be, or they are just doing more tests, most likely both)
    But yeah, you are going to have a heat wave, we just managed to avoid frost last night. Cheers for that.

  3. tis a tad warm here but so long as you get up early then have a mid day siesta its fine