Saturday 2 July 2022

Mummy Wars

 Oh Dear my mother seems to have declared war on The System , she tells me that Social Services are trying to get in touch with me , to insist that i must get Power of Attorney so they can access her bank accounts to make her pay for Care . They have told her she must pay 226 a month for an hours carer visit per week to take her shopping and shes told them bollocks . Her home doctor visit that they arranged didnt go well they didnt get the result they wanted . The doctor told her shes declining physically which is quite normal for her age and shes perfectly fine mentally just functionally blind at the moment . I think they rather hoped they could cart her off into care rapidly to stop her being a problem child .  The Blind Society have been out to see her and given her a white stick and loads of bright stickers to put on her cooker and microwave they also recommend over 400 pounds of adaptions she needs to pay for i gather it ended badly 

She has informed me that shes well aware it will all end badly , that most of the remains of the family will blame me, But she intends to go out marvelously drunk as a skunk in her own home as the off licence still does home delivery  and bollocks to the lot of them...Ive told her to be careful she doesnt have a fall pissed as they will scoop her up and thats it into drooly towers she will be sent never to escape .  I really do think that Social Services havent a clue what they are dealing with  


  1. Good for her!

  2. To be honest I don't blame her-It does seem to me they are trying to take advantage of your Mum-and I always imagined the elderly would be taken shopping free of charge if they had health issues x

    1. Nothing is free of charge unless it's provided by volunteer groups such as veterans groups.

      My MIL (who has two adult sons living in her house) was costing my husband $500 a month to have a companion go to a once a week seniors luncheon and get together. The sons who live at home thought my husband should pay for it because they take her shopping. My husband is also retired and on a pension.

    2. i think the problem is that now they are allowed to view your bank account they have realised thats shes far from being a poor pensioner

  3. I'm taking your mother as a role model and something to aspire to.