Sunday, 26 June 2022


 Excellent Jumble Sale yesterday , got a whole summer wardrobe a bag full of books and two pizza bowls  for the grand total of 3.50  , so that brightened my mood , daughter and grandson turned up and despite her grumping she ended up with a bagful as well . I think i was the only mask wearer there , despite Covid slaughtering the village where i live thanks to the maskless Jubilee , just common sense to me when your elbow deep in a scrum over used clothing . Got it all home and found that two of the tops were still tagged and unworn, out of a bagful only one item didnt fit so went in the charity bag and one other needs a stitch to a seam split ,

Just to annoy himself i toddled off to the car boot this morning nice and early only to find just before i reached it a car upside down blocking the road the local hobby firemen had just arrived and a solitary community hobby bobby scratching his head , the folks were standing in the road shaken and having a fag , cant think why anybody local would have an accident there unless they nearly scored a deer or somebody on the wrong side of the road and had to take avoidance tactics , bit odd really but it did mean i had to an extra 16 miles round just to get where i needed to be , comment from himself because i took so long ...well thats you grounded for the week for wasting fuel , you should have come straight home...ha ha ...he will be sorry for that one .  All i got from the car boot was a box of plants just because i always need more plants.  Strange thought of the week , will we ever be able to afford meat of the size to need the huge gorgeous meat plates you see at every car boot ?  


  1. Deep thought on the meat plate question. I went vegetarian two years ago, a knee jerk reaction to Covid shopping and a health thing. As a result, our grocery bills should be miniscule…HA! Everything has gone up, just because it can.
    Chicken and pork are not badly priced where I am and I wonder if farmers are culling their herds which will mean less meat in the stores and higher prices next year.
    Cherry thoughts,huh

  2. One can never have too many plants :-)

  3. I have a massive meat plate that comes out at Christmas and birthdays and I put treats on it, like dried fruit, sweeties, fruit, biscuits etc. I don't think I've ever had a piece of meat that needed the huge plates.

  4. Hahaha, my huge platter is a birdbath now!

  5. Grounded!!!? - Sounds like your dearly beloved went to the same charm school as this one-There was a bit of a doo here this afternoon when I told him a few home truths about him and his mother -I have since been offered a value choc ice -I am so pleased you got some goodies today-You deserve them x