Thursday, 16 September 2021

Waddling Along

 Im still here !!! but when you both end up with a nasty stomach bug at the same time in a house with only one loo its fun , plus you have to care for your other half while wanting to crawl into a ball and die yourself . Of course , i then manage to pick up a nasty skin infection on top , which had to be home doctored and sort of ran me into the ground . But dont worry about us Mr BH has a telephone appointment with our latest GP today 7 days after it was requested !!  even better our new GP is the strange bloke with a dicky bow and the name with no vowels we had a few years ago .  He repeatedly screamed at My OH that he was an alcoholic and needed to admit it at which point he found out that his patient could be just as loud back at him . it ended up in a complaint being lodged . But saying that it has taken 10 years for them to find that my OH actually has a genetic condition that mimics alcoholism so ho hum life goes on . i  think i may hide down the garden .

On the garden front im officially way behind , most of the fruit went to waste , still tons of raspberries coming ready . Apples dire , tiny and full of worm . But the fact that nobody seems to have apples at the gates this year means its just a bad apple year .  Grandson dug the potatoes this weekend and they have been a pleasant surprise , ive mountains of them , celery is doing well . leeks are small but thriving among the weeds , my pumpkins all shrivelled and vanished during the sunshine which is somewhat baffling , cabbages look good in their cage so not too bad a year veg wise . The hedgehogs im feeding seem to be doing a good pest control job . The just grow what we like ethos does seem to have worked quite well though im going to miss my winter squashes for soups and stews . Must get my seeds ordered soon


  1. Doctors! I've just about had enough of them all. Tom has been put on Morphine and he's feeling so bad, more short of breath and more coughing. Doctor prescribed it over the phone without even seeing him, just about to stop it after reading that this is what it can do. If I had access to the drugs I could do a better job. Feel for you Katie, know exactly where you are coming from.

    1. keep your chin up , its a bloody nightmare at the moment with doctors . We are fairly sure that we have no regular GPs just endless disinterested locums

  2. My daughter recently lost her baby at twenty weeks , not only did she have to give birth to him but there was a problem with the placenta . They readmitted her three times the last time at two in the morning , over the course of three weeks she saw nine different doctors and four different consultants , each one had a different idea of what the treatment should be . Thankfully the last consultant decided to consult a professor at a different hospital who knew what to do , thank God he for the last consultant because I really thought at one point we were going to lose her . I do not understand what is happening with the NHS .