Wednesday 29 September 2021

Daft Ideas

 I know i do some daft things , but i snuck out for an hour on Sunday morning to the local car boot its just in the next village and if you get there before 8 theres just a nice amount of people pottering about . Himself had finally nodded off after nuking him with industrial painkillers so i figured he could be left . Anyway id pottered round the whole thing and bought nada , i was looking for cooking apples but they are like gold this year . Stopped to talk to one of the old guys whos always there and he says dont you like dolls?   And with that whips out a whole box full of Barbie type creatures £3 so i have a polite root among them and then he says thats the price for the box , so guess what they came home with me . I thought i could clean them up and brush their hair and charity them if nothing else , theres 30 dolls most are salvageable, the clothes have gone to the wash and im going to be brushing hair for a week . Then i started looking online . Have you seen the prices of teen dolls new ? scary.  Then i asked a mate who works with loads of local charities about where they could be donated . Same problem as usual , unless they are new and sealed in a box the big charities dont take toys , most just bin them . So i just have to find one of the small church or animal charities willing to take them , shouldnt be a problem theres a good few locally . If not i may bundle them up and sell them on facebook then give the money to foodbank . Anyway the point is this just gives me something to do thats different from endless medical matters . Plus the look of horror from himself and son when im sat humming to myself brushing dollys hair and wet wiping Snow Whites crotch is worth every penny 



  1. You made me laugh when you described the scene at yours when brushing the dollies hair-Once I picked up my little dog and someone said sarcastically-"do you think he's your baby?"-I said smiling crazily-"oh Yes he Is!"-plonker-And you could trim blue haired dollies hair-attach it to a grip and put it on your own head x

  2. The "look of horror" from your family has made me laugh! You have to keep them on their toes! :-)

  3. Some of those dolls (blue faced one in the back, for instance) look like “Monster High” dolls—-previously sold here in the US…not sure about if they were sold or what they were called in GB. They go for pretty good prices now on eBay, Etsy, and other sites. People use them to make “altered” dolls. They even sell lots of doll parts. Looks like you found treasures 🙂