Saturday 4 September 2021

Bimbling On

 Ive had a good week , disabled fishing Thursday so a day of peace until i spotted a £10 TV unit on facebook in the next village . quick pop down to collect and then one of those jobs you wish you never started .  The old Tv unit didnt want to move and i had to move so much stuff to get it out and then get my whinging slave to help me lift it out , it hadnt been moved in years it was so heavy and dated from the days of huge TVs . Why is their a plague this year of spiders that are a dot of a body with thin legs you can barely see ? they seem to make webs everywhere in no time as fast as you hoover them theres 10 more . So we eventually got the new one in its higher and smaller which is what i was after plus its nice boring pine instead of a grey and glass monstrosity. i also with no witnesses threw all the old game consoles into the dustbin , the kids just abandoned them here for Mr BH to try and fix which never happened . saved the toughened glass shelves from the unit for shed glass repair . The screws went into the screw jar and im afraid the wood is compressed chipboard so will have to go to the new bonfire pile . waste not , want not and all that . It took till bedtime for Mr BH to notice what id done , his first question was what i had done with all the consoles?  I told him they were in the box behind the unit , the empty box he cant get to . You even have to be crafty throwing stuff out these days since he got the security cameras put up , so that he can watch us when hes out on his phone . Joy ..Today hes going to a car show with useful son and daughter and grandson are hopefully coming to help fill the bin some more .   


  1. This reminded me of when my Mum threw a pair of old shorts out that she hated my Dad wearing, he never stopped asking where his old shorts had gone and didn't suspect that she had thrown them out, lol
    We have to resort to being crafty sometimes don't we?

  2. If you can somehow reach the cameras you could say if unfortunately he was watching that you were trying to remove a spider who seemed to be spinning a web on the lens which would then cloud Mr BH's vision and accidentally smear the lens just for a while then dump his crap-and then notice the smear and wipe it clean helpfully x