Monday, 27 September 2021


 Its been a bitch of a week . Himself  decided we should go to Skegness for the day , i really dont like going unless its the middle of winter , to me its just a chore and the fact i have to lift that crippling buggy out of the car . Blinding sunshine , gorgeous day but  it wasnt for me . Hoards of crazed old grannies running you down on their buggies , fag in hand and chihuahua balanced in the basket on the front . Everywhere its like a bad Benidorm , so he scooted up one street and down the other , i get a whole rant about why im not going in the shops , but i see little point in going in places that sell nothing i would want . I made an effort to go in Yorkshire Trading because they had an end of season garden sale , got a fly screen for next year and a couple of new bird feeders , that was it .  Then he decides hes off to treat me to a Burger King , had to laugh its shut down , in fact it was the only empty property we saw .  I just wanted a cuppa by this stage but no chance he decides he wants Mc Donalds takeout ..UURRGGHHH

So by the time i got home , i wwas knackered from running after him on his buggy , then spent the night up being sick from the soddin tiny mcDonalds or lifting his shitting buggy not sure which . But it got better the next night his nose popped about 9pm and it wouldnt stop so rang for the ambulance they said it would be at least 2 hours but it came in 40 minutes , there was much umming and arring about taking him in but they decided to cart him off yet again . He spent 2 hours holding court in the back of an ambulance outside casualty then they found out why i had insisted they take him , he collapsed yet again . I still had to fetch him at 6am they have no beds and they decided to not top up his fluids this time just to see what will happen . They are once again reporting the GPs for failing to monitor him despite repeated requests from 3 consultants and casualty . But it still means that im left here on my own , with his collapse risk high and no means of moving him if he does blackout , plus a possible 2 hour wait for an ambulance . 

Beggers belief 


  1. What a situation.I can see why you are shattered.Do you ever get any “me “ time?

    1. yes i sneaked out yesterday morning for an hour while he zonked on painkillers , went to the car boot for no better reason than i had to get out or start screaming at the walls!!!

  2. The nightmares go on don't they katie. I sort of lost the plot over everything now, getting to the stage where I don't give a fig about anything, what's the point.

  3. I am so sorry-it sounds overwhelming for you-I think I'd just hide somewhere to recover myself a bit and it has been known that I close a door to gain my strength which a certain person cannot open because I can get panic attacks-just for a bit of peace-I know Mr BH is very ill but it is unacceptable that you get no help-Please try to relax and put yourself first x

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  5. I think you are a saint you have much more patience than I would ever have . It beggars belief that the GP seem to have washed their hands of him , but I guess that sums up the NHS today . Keep your chin up .