Thursday 3 December 2020

Plague 84

 Its looking a bit bleak out there today through the cat snotted windows , but did manage to get loads of towels dry yesterday out in the arctic gale , i gather we are to expect snow in the next few days , dont have to go any wear  so that will be a look out the window for the next few days . Got a NHS letter stating we must join the queue for the gazebo in the doctors carpark on Saturday morning for a flu jab  , not happening im afraid , his walking is currently diabolic let alone standing for hours in icy rain and wind or maybe snow , you dont get a time just a day , if they want him that bad they can give it to him inside the surgery when he goes for yet more blood tests , because they did the wrong ones the other day . The NHS letter that came also had another helpful letter telling you to keep your bleeding windows open all the time ...WHAT its bleedin winter , do they really pay folks to come up with this tripe or were they working from home in the Caribbean 

Then theres the great Scotch egg scandal you can now go and get lathered in a pub correctly social distanced wearing a mask and eating a scotch egg because its classed as a substantial meal??  what next you can serve christmas dinner to your family as a takeaway?  so long as the windows are wide open and it includes a Scotch Egg? 

In my bid to have something to talk about with my batshit crazy mother on the phone, i go online and glance at The Daily Mail , she has the more rabid pensioner version delivered , amazed to find that Boris gave his dog Covid , so thats it every dogs home will be full within weeks and that its lawyers and luvvies stopping Priti Patel deporting everybody back to the Caribbean, of course all those they are deporting are rapists and murderers ..ermmmm if she gets her way over this its not to long before she deports everybody with a sun tan for getting a parking ticket . She has rather made a rod for her own back by the bullying business , she rather reminds me of Verucca Salt screaming to get her own way all the time . So yes those who are guilty of serious crime should be deported but not when its still a legal matter .


  1. You really find some of the cr*p that is coming out of ministers mouths hard to believe. I wonder if they are actually embarrassed by it all, Hope the jab goes well.

  2. Your posts do make me see some of the funny side of this most weird and crap time...thank you. x

  3. Always eager to read your posts, lol
    Agree with you all the way.