Tuesday 8 May 2018


This week has been a tad strange , the orthopedics firm that the local authority puts in place has been replaced with a new one , so we were summoned for a triage meeting with a new consultant for Mr Bah Humbug , so we toddled off to see this newbie .  He was very Eastern European , good English seems to know his stuff , but i dont think hes worked in the NHS much . The outcome is hes stopping Mr BH referral to Hull which it has taken 2 years to get , mainly because its not worth treating him due to his other health problems mainly the heart problems that they cant find a cause for ,  hes also asking for a referral to have MR BH gastric banded , which was the point where MR BH started to look a wee bit baffled , hes also sure that at least 2 more discs , have gone at the top of Mr BHs spine but he will just have more and more go anyway so when do you stop replacing them ?  He also questioned why MR BH uses crutches .
When we managed to get in a word edgeways and pointed out he has problems at the bottom of his spine as well that cause neuropathy and bowel and waterworks problems , he looked at the scans went AARRGG..... then  he beamed at us and said gastric band will not cure him but it will make him easier to move for me when hes bedridden . The look on the nurses face was a picture . We came out looked at each other and just cracked up laughing ......but its not really funny at all .
I think the consultant has spent to much time in the private sector that he thinks a NHS gastric band is just asked for and given , i seem to remember it takes 2 years of counselling and at least 5 stone weight loss before your even considered for the list, thats without the fact that MR BH is inoperable due to his unexplained heart problems  , plus he will be just as disabled after having one as he is now . But easier for me to care for , ive a feeling the new consultant is going to rattle an awful lot of cages , but i quite liked him .
Its also sent MR BH into one of his really dark mental holes yet again, hes going to be referred to Pain Clinic  to try and numb him to his future methinks, theyre always a nice helpful bunch so we have to settle for that for now .


  1. I just don't know what to say Katie. It sounds like a nightmare.
    Hugs to you both-x-

  2. Listen to what they say and then come out and make your own decisions that's our way of dealing with things. They only go by what they have been taught and each one of them has different views. We have seen so many so called consultants over the years I've come to the conclusion that if I had an exray machine and a cabinet full of drugs I could do the job just as well.
    No wonder he's down, I would be too.
    Keep trucking Katie that's all you can do.

  3. It never ceases to amaze me how the NHS works. The lack of consistency causes further complications. I hope they get the the bottom of the heart problem then perhaps other things will follow.

  4. After reading your posts I am amazed how both of you even manage to keep going. Sorry the Mr. is in a dark place, but perfectly understandable. How you keep your spirits up and sense of humor is beyond me. Glad you like this doctor anyway. ((hugs))

    1. shhh Pam dont tell anyone , but theres days i dont cope very well at all

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