Wednesday 16 May 2018

Sun Is Shining

You know when you start a job then it leads to endless other jobs ?  Well i went down the garden and started tidying , nothing got done at the backend of last year due to Mr Bah Humbugs health and the DWP . 2 Bonfires later i had the thought we dont need as much veg this year , so lets remodel the garden !!  So despite a really late spring and the swamp being hard going ive started . Theres also the fact that Mr BH can no longer get this far from the house to criticise everything i get up to . Still have no funds for this project so its all got to be scrounged or picked up from local fly tipping on the airfield , the local resource for all manner of useful things . This is eating all my spare time in fact ive only managed a single Jumble sale and a visit to Torksey car boot . Mr BH doesnt go into Jumble Sales even the ones with tea and cakes his walking being pretty dire these days .

Torksey hasnt changed in the two years since my last visit , still tons of stuff and Mr BH can get round half of it on his buggy the other half would need an off road buggy its all up and down and potholes , so he sat and people watched while i spent a whole £1.50 on a gorgeous green vinyl 70s suitcase covered in world travel labels and a couple of plants . He still hates his buggy with a vengeance , he says its just embarrassing and people stare , but it is the only way he can get around.

But despite Mr BH being a grumpy mardy wee cripple , I wouldnt be without him . Sues sad news brings that home , Col will be sadly missed a really useful male and an epic maker of bookcases  with a cheeky grin right up to the end . 


  1. Scumbag fly tippers have their uses occasionally when the dump good stuff.
    It's car boot sale day for us - I'm just waiting for Jon so we can get going. Mr BH would be in good company at today's booty, the field is flat and there's loads and loads of mobility scooters - I reckon someone could make a fortune hiring the all-terrain type out at car boot sales. xxx

  2. I do miss the car boot sales, they are a rarity here.

  3. I must try to get to more car boot sales. There is a garage sale in a wealthy village near me this weekend that might be worth a look.

  4. My daughter has ME and hubby has parkinsons, years ago they used to race supermarket trollies now they race mobility scooters.

  5. Piseth appears to like my blog too... :-)