Sunday 20 May 2018

Going To The Chapel  Had to pop this link in didnt I . 

Image result for prince harry swim suit
 Got to be the best of the wedding souvenirs .
I spent the wedding sat on the side of a fishing pit with Mr Bah Humbug and his brother The Ginger Gnome , snored through most of the day im afraid , then came home to view the wedding highlights .
Ive come to the conclusions that Amal Clooney is a succubus , nobody should be able to look that good and George is starting to look more tiny and wasted every day as if she sucks the life from him . There was some seriously stunning fashion on show most of it really tasteful . Victoria Beckham looked like she was going to a funeral , i do hope the Pizza delivery was for her , I know shes tiny but theres limits.
The bride looked stunning and the Firms bling was very impressive , she was born for that tiara .
 Just like a proper chav wedding there were endless family problems , you do wonder who got hammered at the reception and threw up in the pot plants. 
For those of us who dont really get Royalty the highlight had to be The Windsors Royal Wedding Special , chuckled my way through that one, watch this if you get the chance its on catch up TV somewhere , the Tramp Catcher was a gem and proved to be very true .
I do think Meghan is the brains in this relationship , brilliant move inviting so many of his exes.  Harry always comes across as nice but worthy, he will be the Labrador of husbands , baffled but adoring , so long as she can convince him that his decisions are his own they should have a long and happy marriage. 


  1. I love that expression, Labrador husband, baffled but adoring.

  2. I loved the wedding, particularly the music - that gospel was fabulous. I must admit that watching the "in crowd" of invitees from the sidelines would have made me turn and run but all in all it was a beautiful wedding. Her mom was so classy too. But what's with the walking corpse Victoria B - has she ever been known to smile? My theory is that she has diddy little teeth that she doesn't like (a bit like Charlene of Monaco) so never smiles. Well that's my theory anyway!

  3. I didn't see any of it except for a small photo on MSN when I checked my emails this morning. It was ace going to B&Q on Saturday morning, not a soul around.
    No problem with either of them but weddings bore the pants off me. xxx

  4. I didn't watch the wedding but have caught up since. I thought the dress and veil were stunning.
    Victoria Beckham I think misread her invitation and thought she was off to a Halloween party and what the hell was Princess Anne looked like a dressing