Tuesday 14 February 2017

How To Spot The Poor

Heres a few thoughts from the last few days . How to spot the poor for Daily Mail readers .
Lets start with tattoos , they will have loads because the government gives them far to much money and they have lots of time to get them due to the fact that we no longer have Workhouses .
They will be fat , due to the endless takeaways, because theyre too lazy to cook .
They have the latest phone and umpteen other electronica about their person , they should have them confiscated and be fitted with tags so they can be accounted for at all times because theyre all on the fiddle .
As you may have guessed by now , my mother has incorporated all these rants into her latest conversation ...lol
So heres todays challenge , how can you really spot the poor ?
Heres some starters
They will have a crap minimum wage job , maybe two jobs and they will have zero hour contracts so that the economy can flourish !!
 They will hang their washing out all year round in all weathers
They may spend the mornings sat in Weatherspoons or some such chain pub , because its warm, theres free wifi and you can get free refills . Its surprising how you come to love heat once your poor.
 Buggy 'Pushers hogging the shops , for the same reason,its bloody freezing at home and you can kill an hour in Primark where its like the tropics and the store detective gets some exercise following you
Buggy Pushers hanging round each others houses , because you only need to heat one house , and they go to whoever has electric that day , for heat and cooking .
So lets have some more suggestions for how to spot the poor


  1. What an absolutely appalling generalisation. I wouldn't use that revolting rag in my outhouse....a polite way of saying...I wouldn't wipe my a**e on it.

  2. Are you telling me that everything that is written in the Daily Mail is not the truth...wink, wink!!! (sarcasam!)

    There are many reasons why people are poor and not enough time to go into why.........

  3. I spot poor folk each time I volunteer at the food bank. They indeed work two jobs, put time into finding ways to stretch their groceries into filling and hopefully nourishing meals. And if you are down on your luck, they have a place at the table for you. The truly poor are pretty generous folk.

    1. I too see them on my volunteer days at the foodbank in our affluent part of the Surrey Hills.

      By the way, it's not called the Daily Wail for nothing ....

  4. I salute you. My mother was as bad, and I ran away for 20 years, you are a heroine for sticking around!! I would be pleased if it was just that paper but it is a insidious generalization by too many!

  5. Ey up pet.... I wouldn't believe a word of any daily newspaper. Those articles are written to make people laugh aren't they? Do people really believe such utter tripe as is written in most newspapers?

  6. Unfortunately I think many do. After all, if it's in print it must be true, mustn't it?!