Tuesday 31 January 2017

The End

The last day is here , January hurry up and bog off youve not been a great start to the year !!
I have been creating weird and wonderful slow cooker efforts most days , mainly from cupboard leavings . Yesterdays chicken, half a red cabbage ,half a bag of freezer burned stirfry veg ,onions garlic and stock cube piled up with dumplings was a great success, Young Baldrick had 4 bowls and practically cleaned the slow cooker with his tongue , he was just passing through as a grown up had to accompany him to the doctors .
Ive managed to motivate myself to drag out a bit of crocheting I started moons ago, its only a couple of giant mindless granny squares to cover a cushion on my office chair but its a start .
Work for the rest of the week , Friday is payday , so a few grocery necessities and then skint yet again , its no wonder I have the winter blues ..lol
Trying not to watch a lot of TV it just seems to be endless bad news , Trump stamping his foot like a petulant child because he really cant do what he wants without a challenge from somewhere in his own country ,then the truly chilling meeting between him and Mrs May , I think sticking my head in the sand might be a good idea or just doing another quilt ..lol
We didnt try to leave the EU just to become the 53rd state of the USA !! Meanwhile learning Russian still looks like a useful life skill these days ....im turning into a paranoid granny ...AAARRGGGHHH


  1. Joining in with sticking my head in the sand as to be honest I just don't know what to make of anything at the minute.
    By gum that slow cooker meal sounds gorgeous. I'm glad it was appreciated-x-

  2. Due to our imminent move we are also eating out of the freezer, makes for some interesting meals.

  3. I'm at the bottom of the freezer and we still haven't moved!
    Like you I hope February holds a bit of hope and I'm also head in sand and avoiding all news programmes

  4. I wouldn't be without my slow cooker.