Tuesday 28 February 2017

Lets Be Positive

Im trying...honest
At the moment i get the feeling that either Donald Trump will decide to invade or I will find an Alien in the airing cupboard!!
Its as if life is an ever depressing soap episode..lol ..one big surreal fantasy .
Last week Mr Bah Humbug tried to book a Doctors appointment 6 weeks post his winter lurgy and snot fest he was coughing and in agony . We got the evil receptionist , who told him to go away and ring back on Monday , which we promptly did .
  We actually got an appointment at the next village surgery rather than the little bungalow in the woods that operates as the mother ship for the practice , we drove up there . It was deserted which was strange just us and one other bloke and a big notice stating theyre shutting all the branch surgeries from this week and you will have to use the mother ship in future , on reading the notice it seems theyre closing them because its to dangerous for a doctor to operate on their own out in the wilderness, who knew its so dangerous out here in bandit country? and they cant fund then anymore We have transport but theres an awful lot of pensioners and the rural poor who dont have anymore . Our bus services are virtually negligable
But to our amazement we actually saw the real practice doctor , not one of the nutty locums or the odd young lad who just taps it in the puter and looks at the answers,  my other half always calls him Dr Google , she actually examined Mr Bah Humbug something none of them have done in the last 2 years it seems he has at least 3 cracked ribs .
Him and the boys have gone off for mission xray today , hes also got to have his pelvis xrayed because he may have broken something in there !!!  She pointed out this is really odd, we know his spine has broken from time to time but this is the sort of injury you get in your 80s so he will have to have some tests done for osteoporosis . It looks as if he has done this just from coughing he says hes not tumbled badly since last year , but he wouldnt admit it if he had . Theres no treatment it should take around 14 weeks to heal, if it heals, we just have to be careful he doesnt get pneumonia till then.
We had quite a long chat with the Doctor as there were no more patients , discussed his re application for ESA which she is more than willing to do the paperwork for .  She said the same thing weve said its allright saying hes fit for work but hes not fit for work unless proper support is provided and its not his fault that the types of things he can do are few and far between , plus the broken bones mean hes not fit at all for the next three months at least . I did point out he had his wrist in plaster during his last ESA medical and they said he was 100% fit , plus they had managed to make him see through an eye that has been blind since he was a child .
So this is todays episode of you couldnt make it up...lol
Dont you think I could write soap scripts with this carry on ?


  1. You are made of some very stern stuff Katie. I think I would be a gibbering wreck in a corner somewhere now if I had to face what you do on a daily basis.
    Somehow things have to get better for you one day and I am praying that the day comes sooner rather than later.

  2. Nope, soaps are not in your future. Like a lot of things lately ( especially here in the States) life is stranger than fiction. Blessings to you and Mr. BH. It HAS got to get better for you, girl.

  3. Hopefully this Doctor will be able to do something to help, hang on in there.

  4. I was told once at work I needed to be more positive, I replied 'I am positive, I'm positive I'm being shit on.'
    I hope thing improve for you.

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  6. I've been reading your blog for days Katie, n just want to say thanks for giving me a lot of laughs!
    Despite your many struggles, you still manage to retain a wicked sense of humour :)

    1. Sally youve developed multiple personality disorder..lol

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  8. Hope things have been improving in the last few weeks. I had a friend who cracked a few ribs from coughing - I never knew that could happen until then! Keep your chin up - I guess it's better to keep on laughing and finding the funny side.