Friday, 24 February 2017

Feeling Windy

Well yesterday was a bit of a stinker weather wise and guess who had to it was interesting driving around playing wheelie bin dodgems and crushing recycling tubs , lots of trees down and lorries on their sides in the depths of Lincolnshire , its so flat here that we do seem to get it bad .
So what did i go and do , i managed to fall flat on my face as a gust grabbed me , i was mud from head to toe and im very black and blue and i ache in places ive never ached before , the worse of it was they then decided to cancel my work on health and safety grounds due to the weather ..AAARRRRGGGGHHH
I hobbled home to be greeted by Mr Bah Humbug at his best .
Look on the brightside ! if you were dead I'd be busy chucking your parasitic kids out . You dont know what pain is !!
 His only concern was I'd pinched his coat and it had mud all over it !!!
So I'm sat here feeling very sorry for myself , with the cat offering counselling should be at work ,but Im struggling to bend my knees , i had to take the munchkin to school  in the car this morning the one morning he wanted to walk then couldnt bend my legs for ages to get out of the car when i got home . I think its a work from home day ...sod it
This is when I really miss having a bath to soak in
2 Jumble sales in Lincoln tomorrow one at the MS centre and Reepham methodist church , ive 7p in the bank so theres not much chance of me being able to hobble there


  1. You need some good old fashioned arnica on those knees, you would be dancing to those jumble sales, not hobbling. Anyway, based on my recent experience of a jumble sale, it is sharp elbows that you need. I couldn't even get in as far as the tables!
    Seriously, I hope they recover quickly. Cats make great therapists. One of my DiL is a psychologist, trust me, the cat makes more sense. ;)

  2. Oh gawd you poor girl. Hope you heal soon-x-

  3. Hope you feel better soon. It certainly was a storm and a half, it caused a lot of damage over here on the coast, just what I didn't need.

  4. Oh Kate. Shame about the no bath. Perhaps you need to spend a day or two in bed and let the unsympathetic buggers fend for themselves.

  5. I agree with Sooze, spend the weekend in bed with the cat & sod the lot of them! Feel better soon. x

  6. Hope you feel better soon. We were fortunate down here in the south east, not much of anything really although there were a few strong gusts of wind that stopped me in my tracks for a few moments. It has turned very cold again, though.

  7. Hope the bruuising isn't too bad. Hardly a breeze here in naughty Nunthorpe.