Thursday, 28 April 2016

Malevolent Thoughts

Well this week is seeming very long,  we have no income at all due to me not being paid , so its been a sort of holiday for me honest . No its been cook creative week  , its amazing what horrors i can construct from the little bags at the bottom of the freezer ..he he he
Ive been walking the munchkin to school each morning , not a problem but its a bit arctic with the wind off the fields   , a moaning munchkin and the ginger ninja as company . the cat decided to walk with us yesterday , he then sits  and howls in the farm gateway till i collect him on the way back, because he doesnt like the traffic at the school .
 I would like to thank the teacher who said they get a house point  if they walk to school, this i think was aimed at  those in the same village as the school , not those of us in the next village, but the munchkin doesnt get many  house points thanks to his behavior and he insists thats why he has no friends , so walk he must do .
No fuel means no work , there isnt much this week so hopefuly i will get away with it going in late due to the holidays.
Weirdest conversation......
Can  i have £10 for the electric
Ive got no money
You got paid last week
But i had to pay the deposit on  my holidays (plural)
So tomorrow youre off to  work looking like a gonk?
No of course not
Well youre hair straighteners wont be working , plus youre fish  tank will have a lot of floaters then theres the weeing in the dark . You do have a torch dont you ?

 Guess mother got £10 for the electric


  1. I used to take £15 each week off my daughter and she begrudged me every penny. Then she moved out in a huff and discovered that £15 didn't even cover her fuel bill never mind anything else..

    1. She is just a little thoughtless sometimes, she spends more on subway and Costa a week than the family food budget

  2. Kate you can,t live on fresh air!. Sign on?. Boot sale?.
    You can,t have NO money coming in.
    Could you make a CV n visit every shop, business near you? Selling yourself?.

  3. One of the joys of self employment is that you get used to these things happening from time to time , we have sometimes gone weeks without any income coming in , we are in a much better position now because the rent is payed so we are not constantly in danger of eviction , now those were the stressful days . We are a Universal credit area , a system that just doesn't work yet , so you can't claim jsa anymore , so signing on doesn't give us a penny . once Universal Credit is working we will be £60 a week better off , or so the letters from DWP keep telling us , we will believe it when we see it .

  4. You are like a miracle worker making meals out of nothing getting by without funds. Will that last job eventually come through with your pay? Crossing fingers for you.

    1. Eventually but it can be months..I'm sort of resigned to it , I've been job hunting for two years with not a single response , I've never had a days unemployment in my life , then I turned 50 and every door slammed shut

  5. We try to do this once a month: Once a month, I purchase just the basics at the grocery store. and we all have to fend for ourselves for dinner, cereal, leftovers, sandwiches...whatever. I have a husband and a 9 year old daughter and a 12 year old son...We normally have a very high grocery bill, $280 a week, but the "fend for yourself" week it can be about $120....(cause we do always have to have fresh produce, cheese and staples) Anyhow, we did that for a few months and then it got more irritating than planned. the kids were eating fucking leftover halloween candy for dinner unless I found something and made it...which defeated the purpose of "fend for yourself" had a good run...we tried

    1. yes know that feeling well , my adult kids who are still at home , would rather eat leftover easter eggs than go to the shop and buy bread and milk