Friday 29 May 2015


Well the day has come when the savings have gone, ive flogged everything of value and still cant pay the bills , unless theres some kind of miracle , I may be having to bite the bullet and face the fact that ive failed in life just as my mother likes to remind me at every turn .
Its been bad before but this time feeding another mouth has proved one straw to many the cupboards are virtually bare , nothing coming in , cant pay the rent and nowhere left to turn . What wage i have this month wont even cover the charges on my  bank account . The cars will be coming off the road in the next month , phones will be cut off shortly , we have 3 months free internet but its not a lot of good if you have no electric
Im disgusted with the lot of them , Mr Bah Humbug is in cloud cuckoo land , but at least he managed to get his pre paid prescription card , so he wont die from not taking his pills and may even lose some of the weight hes piling on every week when he starves , he can still afford scooter parts , fishing and scooter rallies
My daughter just gives me big eyes and thinks im making things up , then goes out and orders more online crap and books her next weekend away , admitedly shes stressed out because her jobs looking a bit uncertain. Ive even given her the letters i dont see the point of opening and still she carries blithly on .
Son can always find money for fags out of his JSA , but coughs for electric or he couldnt spend all day online gaming ..
Munchkin still makes me smile , but not so much when hes whining that theres nothing in the cupboard .
Young Baldrick ...theres nothing nice I can say , hes just another non contributing mouth to feed .
Its as if im the only one who realises that we are in really deep do do ...
I would pack a bag and leave the lot of them if i had a vehicle without bald tyres and with an  MOT and insurance , nowhere to run and nowhere to turn , not a jot of help from anywhere to be had .  Cant even find agency work now ive turned 50 , which is what ive always done when times are hard So this is my edition of Benefits Street , im the person youve just voted the Tories in to make life even harder for , dont ever get to the stage where a family member becomes disabled because theres no help out there .  When ive cheered up I will post more interesting experiences , theres been some interesting ones this week , sorry for this ode of negativity , but its how life is these days  .

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