Monday 25 May 2015

Hooray Hooray Its a Holiday

Apart from a little drizzle yesterday , just as i was deciding to go do another car boot grrrrr...its been that rarity a glorious Bank Holiday weekend . Cant remember the last time we had one .
my daughter took me for a spin to Carrington car boot yesterday , by accident we were on our way to Stickney and the road was shut, being a little directionally challenged it was where we ended up . Now they have a car boot the day before the Steam engine Rally and its full of the rusty stuff I love , if I had a bottomless purse I would have needed a lorry to get it all home , but hey on the poverty plan I came home with a couple of tablecloths , ten packets of seeds and a dozen eggs , that blew this weeks grocery budget

Garden wise its amazing what a gimpy bloke with a nail gun and a bit of imagination can knock up , heres my new super duper bean frame . Complete with polystyrene nuggets to cover the nails that are sticking up
Now this year ive had to face the fact that neither of us can dig and that the kids couldnt give a monkeys that we are broke so wont help  , cos theyre all right jack!! , so everything has to go by the no dig method , plus the gardens like the amazon jungle . So its been weight boxes and sheets of plastic down till the weeds die then pop the plants in and mulch them to hell , im not trying much in the way of root crops just carrots and beetroot , but there will be hoards of brassicas once I get my cabbage cages made . Ive lots of different squash to go into the wild lands , that we just strimmer , pumpkins and marrows . with a few slug pellets they thrive among the weeds.
So its been a garden and babysit kinda holiday ....shame it doesnt pay the bills or provide for Young Baldrick who has been dumped on us once again !!

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