Thursday 21 May 2015

Daft Things You Notice About Being Poor

Well today I was going to show you the amazing things , id found at the car boot on Sunday , yes it was the first rain free sunday this season , so you guessed it I decided to do a car boot sale to fund a trip to auction this week and fuel. I sold some truly awful things , lots of strange 80s curtains to the Polish , who do seem to have a very different version of fashionable to the English . Blankets seem to be very popular with little old ladies and men still buy loads of engineering and car magazines , didnt make a fortune but it was all old ebay shop stock that i was sick of falling over . So guess what I bought yep a cauliflower, a celeriac and some more green beans because the damned pigeons have been at it again .
I was comparing notes with the lady on the next stall , who also has done car boot sales down the years . We got to discussing how times have changed.
Books dont seem to sell anymore has the world turned kindle?
Clothes and Shoes , you can sell tons of these where once upon a time nobody would buy second hand shoes .
Electrical goods , they are gone in a flash..OK that was a bad one .
Good Old Vinyl LPs are staging a big comeback , even the really bad stuff you couldnt give away a few years ago . Usually bought by hipsters with man bags
Veg plants may be the way forward , if they ever get round to building up the greenhouse , they were all sold in minutes . but then again have you seen the price of a tray of 6 cabbage plants in the garden centers?
Our next topic is shopping .
Last week after dropping Mr Bah Humbug off at Physio , I had an hour to kill so toddled to The Carlton Center , a small out of town shopping center at the top end of Lincoln . Noticed they had opened a Barnardos Children and a regular Barnados , wandered in and realised this was a named brand expensive Barnados , way out of my price range . Barnardos have tiers of shops from the £1.99 good ones, to the were next to a posh housing estate ones .  I was somewhat cheered at the shoe shop next door to notice they had the shoes on my feet at £50 in the sales !! mine were still tagged and 50p from the jumble .
Now still having time to spare , I wandered into Dunelm , Started looking at curtains and nearly fainted £100 plus for a pair of made in China trendy curtains , bedding £109 for a bedspread !! I dont shop often but when did people leave their brains behind , never even if i won the lottery would i pay for overpriced tat like that .
So now I know why folks like bad taste curtains and bedding from the carboot .

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