Friday 15 May 2015

Its The Little Things

Another week of grinding poverty comes to a close , the baffling world of job hunting continues
havent achieved a lot this week at all , yet more endless form filling , on the one day I got out to go to work , I couldnt see anything interesting in the thrifts , not a jot of crafty pursuits , veg gardening proceeding very slowly , all my peas have been eaten by the damned wood pigeons yet again , im sure they breed them harder in Lincolnshire nothing scares them , you can literally walk up to them and stick a foot up there butt and they carry on munching .
We did manage to get updated to fibre broadband here in the back end of nowhere !!! its sort of scary , my poor old puter can hardly cope from 1mg to 38mg in the space of a day , we changed supplier as well because we could get line rental and broadband together for a decent saving and monthly billing , plus they were throwing around Sainsburys vouchers for changing !!! though it looks like a bit of a rigmarole to get them I will persist .

You know when things are bad when the highlight of the week is a jar of Roots & Wings Lemon Curd through the post , a little prize from my competition efforts . Its gorgeous and has a big MINE label on it . Ive tried to eat all the value Lemon Curds but theyre all so sweet that I cant stick them , this is lovely stuff, thick and tart .  I could never afford it on the current £1 menu , but ive noticed that Approved sometimes gets bits and bobs of there stuff on , so I will keep my eyes peeled .
One of the highlights of spring is Garden Mary looking beautiful clad in clematis and then the honeysuckle , she makes me smile everytime i pop into the back garden , next door keeps moaning shes creepy , tough , we like her .

Heres another strange plant , has anyone else got the lime green leafed version on this , ive had this living in the same bucket for about 15 years , never potted it on changed the compost or anything and it seems to thrive .

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