Saturday, 24 May 2014

Stuck for Words

What can I say ..Its another miserable wet holiday weekend , so all my plans are out of the window . This is usually one of the biggest boot sale weekends of the year and we have torrential rain , the gardens flooded . Its even been so bad that the boys have come home from their fishing expedition...maybe it flooded the tuck box?

Plus ive had a bad fatist experience , I went to Asda  (aka Walmart ) the other day , to stock up for the fishing fest , lots of vile boy food . Sausage Rolls, Pork Pies , Crisps soda etc etc etc in fact a trolly load of nutritional time bombs all paid for by them . So Im trotting round a very crowded supermarket and bat ears here overhears this shop assistant who was stacking shelves talking to her mate . "Thats the sort of person im  talking  about , they make me sick , why should people who look after themselves have to look at that " then I realised she was talking about me and my trolly load of bad grub. Now I realise i'm the size of a disney Hippo and theres a lot of people who it offends , but im hardly in denial . Then I just realised that stuffing a full Asda trolly up her skinny backside would not score me brownie points or get me a discount at the checkouts . I was so gobsmacked I just kept on walking . 
Now on reflection , i should have run down everything with a green uniform and hurled a couple of pork pies at her .  Asda North Hykeham your staff are ill mannered !!!!

So ive been in the cut up box and found some Victorian chocolate adverts , well im the size of a hippo for a 

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