Monday, 5 May 2014

India Indians & Native American Indians

Well todays plans never got started , it turned into a whole day of domestic servitude and cooking for the hoards . sometimes I wonder if it even crosses their minds that I might like to do something I like on a holiday weekend instead of the endless mounds of washing and cleaning they produce . Busy work week next week so in a couple of days the house will look like its been ransacked and the washing yurt will have appeared again . Plus they may even have to do some cooking or buy some groceries poor dears .....can you tell im getting very bitter and twisted
Meanwhile in ebay land ive finally got round to popping a few of my mountains of 1910-12 photographs on   I thought id add a bit of native American interest , just love this lady , so much character .

Then we have India Indians take a look at this impressive chap

and my favourite the cheeky little chap photo bombing the veiled ladies , it just shows that kids never change whatever the century

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