Monday, 26 May 2014

A Week of Thrifting and Ebay

So my weekend has been a total wipe out , ive just been grumpy granny and the munchkin has been so vile that he hasnt been fit for public viewing  No gardening done due to the floodwater still receding but ive got on with my hexi quilting  and took lots of photos of ebay rubbish .
Even with a very good week on ebay im still struggling to put fuel in the car mainly due to a huge Approved Food order ive made , the trouble is that you have to get it while they have it and this week they had  Last week was a busy real work week so not a lot of thrifting , ive two more days of busy this week then it dies off again , the joys of a zero hours contract im afraid .
Have you noticed that things come in clusters when you find them , everywhere i go I seem to be picking up dolls at the moment .

So heres this week Sindy clone posing in a very appropriate 70s maxi and souwester , not an expensive one and she has really scary eyes so she may stay and model for me for a while , shes propped up here by a lush bit of 70s Brixham Pottery , I love the colours but it chips far to easily to be of any practical use , I think my daughter bought this for me at some stage and who doesnt have half a 60s OXO tin kicking around their office?  Then theres grubby baby doll made in Hong Kong and a whole 50p  shes getting on in years and has a celluloid head , A thousand and one nights illustrated by Benvenvti this was stopping the drawers of the filling cabinet shutting  Now for the puzzle bits , the vase is Tanglewood Pottery , its been around a while because i havent found any information on it . Finally Little Ted , hes old and rather strange so if anyone has any ideas id be grateful

Ive been debating giving away a few small books  from the Home for Rescued Volumes , would this be of interest to anyone or am i the only crazy person who rescues things like that?

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