Thursday 14 December 2023

Xmas Rant 2

 Well its the season of endless xmas adverts , the perfume ones are getting my goat, how many gallons of this ghastly slop do they actually sell?  there seems to be endless different ones this year , i did recognise a Hemsworth trying to look hard on one but thats about it , just endless weird looking folk we are supposed to aspire to be ?  maybe its just for the younger generation ? As someone whos guaranteed to get an instant headache standing next to people dribbled in the stuff maybe its a good job i dont venture out this time of the

The moment of glory is the M&S advert who the hell are these aspirational idiots prancing round a party?  i hated this one so much i looked it up , Tan France is his name and i would have drowned him in  if hed thrown the bored game i was forced to play because it was xmas , into a fishtank , not a clue who he is but hes my hate figure at the moment 

Today we had a local councillor election , i was the only one interested and it was an excuse to toddle down to the village hall on my own two feet , himself would have insisted on going in the car , we have had tons of leaflets from the Lib Dem candidate , but what gets me is why are they always boring blokes of a certain age want to be councillors ? wheres the younger generation or even an ethnic candidate? outside the polling station we had a bloke begging for votes for one of the candidates . You guessed it white middle class man of a certain age . But then it got very surreal , i thought i was hallucinating there appeared from the lane beside the polling station a hoard of Santa hat wearing , north face owners , all with their hiking sticks and they proceeded to surround the vote beggar and hound him about the anerobic digester they are building up the road ...ho hum i must say we and the other poor locals are the only people supporting this on the grounds that it may bring jobs for folks who dont have a degree to the area . 

Come on do tell whats getting your goat for xmas ? 


  1. Skinny semi naked girls advertising perfume. I loathe these adverts and wonder who the heck they're aimed at.

  2. They spend a fortune on perfume ads as it can cost pennies to make for the tiny amount you get in a bottle but they sell it at stupid money. And that's why they invest on ads for perfume