Thursday 7 December 2023

Progress with Mumsie

 So heres a moan about mumsies carry on ,  well the boiler is knackered and they want 3k to replace it , somehow this is odd that 10 days after the warranty would have run out it is dead , now i know mummy dearest had problems since the day it was fitted , good old Worcester Bosch were out two or three times every winter and she has paid out hundreds of pounds for parts because whatever was wrong with it was never covered by the warranty , daughter gave them a bollocking and let them know shes part of the legal profession and that the fault is caused by a part that they knew was faulty and have  supposed to have retrofitted 3 years agom they charged for it and we have all the receipts !!!! Not much help though when we need it running to stop the mould and damp !!! the complaint has however been passed up the food chain and we will see. 

Anyway daughter decided once again to chase up the Court of Protection having got an actual  phone number for this secretive branch . They were sort of helpful , if somewhat surprised that their phone actually rang . It was seem that the order was granted back on November 7th !! BUT they have a 3 month backlog on letting people know cant make this up!! long as we can provide the relevant paperwork we finally may have got somewhere . Our next daft question is what is the required paperwork ?  we got a list , most of which we have but we dont have her Deprivation of Liberty document which the council had . They have lost it!!!  The home do have a copy but its whether the Court will accept it or if we have to go through paying yet another Consultant to obtain another ...AAARRRGGGHHHH 


  1. It's so frustrating isn't it, as if life wasn't hard enough for you these places seems to go out of their way to make things even more difficult!

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