Saturday 2 December 2023

Tad Chilly

 Well this is lovely the freezing fog started yesterday with just a smattering of snow we had no plans except looking out the window at it . Then we get a phone call   They were finally coming to tow away the car dumped here on the first day of the Covid Lockdown by useful son , so they had to drag a battery out and much to my amazement and the bloke from the transport company it started first time and crawled its way out of the bushes under its own steam and up on to the loader . I did think my threat to grow tomatoes in it might work eventually . We then had to trek out in the wonderful weather to go and pick up the keys for the garage hed found for it . 

I did manage to con my way into a trip to the community larder but it was bleedin freezing pottering round Sleaford , i got a round of applause they had been waiting for the first person to take one of their amazing display of huge cabbages , ive got cabbages in the garden but this monster couldnt be left behind it will keep me going till xmas. I also got a big bag of tiny pears , They get a lot of surplus from the fruit and veg packhouses , the cabbages would have been too large for the supermarkets the pears would be too small who cares its cheap food. and the dehydrator will be churning out more pear chips . I pop in when i get a chance and always make a donation , its not like a foodbank it helps reduce commercial waste you pay  membership annually then £6 a visit you can find the strangest things and the money paid in supports the foodbank , they had bags of cleaning wipes that were misprinted free yesterday . Last time it was to small bunches of celery by the bag load and fast food prepared bags of ready chopped lettuce and tomato it all dehydrates so i go when i can , himself and his fuel rationing doesnt allow trips out for no reason unless its for him 


  1. Does he not like soup? - Yesterday mine phoned me whilst I was in Iceland - Hurry up he said - I said I'm looking for you're bloody franipanes - He lost out there x

    1. sadly he wont eat the soup i make only bleedin tinned