Wednesday 20 September 2023

Season of Mists

 So its the season of mists and total apathy ,  my daughter has charged me with crocheting dozens of xmas somethings for a craft fair because shes not well and promised them to someone , can you imagine anything more depressing for someone who loathes xmas?  im bad enough this time of year without dozens of little xmas trees haunting my life  Anyway im removed from the tyranny of the garden by the weather but still it haunts me , im constantly tending the dehydrator , himself having discovered Pear Chips his new favourite food , i have yet to figure out the exploding raspberries problem but ive tons coming ready so they may end up in the freezer instead of the dehydrator , despite being on 24 hrs a day the dehydrator uses little electricity , next project will be lemon cucumber chips we have a glut of those coming the next week . Then theres the weird way we have a huge crop of Pink Fir Apple potatoes  they were a couple of strays that were hiding under the pumpkin leaves and have produced the best crop ive ever had , Nature is a funny old thing . Strange request time , does anyone have a couple of fresh walnuts for me to plant , i can pay postage if you have Paypal . 

I seem to be reaching saturation on the winter groceries front , im more well stocked than ever this year and im running out of places to hide stuff from . The freezer looks healthy and i will collar a turkey something as soon as they are released into the wild its just an extra few big things like more pet food , Maggi catering mash and dried milk , there will be more fresh stuff this year , sprouting seeds is proving popular and i will have a multitude of different squash and cabbages along with leeks . i wish sweet potatoes grew better here but your reliant on the weather for them , but they keep well so im picking small ones up cheaply at the moment .

So thats my exciting life at the moment ...what are you all up to?


  1. Our weather has been very chilly, I fear for the rest of the tomatoes in the poly tunnel greenhouse. I have been watching for deals on any fruit and veg that I am unable to grow easily and trying to put them by. Pickled, dried, frozen or canned. I have done dill pickles, bread and butters, jam (mostly raspberry, as we had lots here too), canned tomatoes, green beans and frozen peppers and berries. I have bought some cheap potatoes, onions and winter squash to store in the basement. I do have a turkey, purchased on sale after Easter, so that will do for Thanksgiving next month. I am trying to get the garden ready to plant garlic, as it goes in next month and pops up in the spring . I would love some leeks to chop and freeze, but they have not come down in price. 3 for $7.00cdn is ridiculous, I am afraid. It was so cold here this morning the central heating has come on (on of those programmable must be cold, as my husband set it quite low). I am glad you have been able to stock up, who knows what wonders this winter will bring. Take care . Barb

  2. I will no doubt have a walnut seedling growing somewhere if that is any good? They appear every year thanks to squirrels.
    It should be ok posted won't it? I will have a look tomorrow. I have something growing just need to see if it's a walnut or wisteria seedling. Su

    1. Yes it is a walnut sapling about 10 inches tall. I will prime it ready for packing and posting also sort out the quickest way to get it to you.

    2. Probably the fault is my end. Not really tech aware when it comes to blogs etc . I have an email address you can use connected to my blog that I never use ( seemed like a good idea at the time)

    3. Just to let you know I have been advised to wait until it loses its leaves which shouldn't be long. I will let you know then organise delivery etc. Su

  3. Wow, a walnut tree. We have two in our neighbourhood and the walnuts taste amazing. Are you growing it for a challenge? They take a long time to produce nuts.