Monday 11 September 2023

Prep ??

So im doing my usual prep for winter routine , stock up on a few things, look round at water butts in the sales, inspect the sheds for repairs and buy weird shit from the                                                    On the weird stuff from the auctions , once again crappy photos and my view of sizes went a little awry , i have looked for a fish kettle all summer to plant winter salad into , i figured it would slot up the side of his scooter in the porch . I have had numerous plastic windowsill boxes they all go brittle by spring and snap and fall apart  so it seemed quite logical to me and i payed next to nothing for the auction lot . Its huge , its french, its aluminium it weighs  nothing , it still has the vintage stickers on it and i think you could cook a small whale in it , weirdly it came with a brand new pickaxe , which my agrophobic son claimed and dragged off to his lair, should i be worried ? it also had two big caravan water containers which have been sterilized and dried in the sun , prepper mind says they may come in useful  in the event and they can reside in a shed wrapped in plastic , nothing does my head in more than the filth that comes from nowhere in a shed when you want to use something .                                                                                  Then i went to the carboot sale and something winked at me , i wandered all round the place but when i went to the car it was still winking to me , asked the old bloke selling it and he said hed ruined the top trying to clean it , so im now the proud owner of a long arts and craft stool its big and chunky and i havent decided whether to recover it or live with it in ruin we shall see, i seem to have amassed loads of projects for the winter plus my daughter has roped me into crochet a load of xmas stuff for a craft fair , its all go. which with my nine millionth batch of shingles is just great , just got to pop out and struggle to plant out 20 spring cabbages and Japanese onions...aaarrrrgggghhhhh 


  1. You are my role model - I seem to have given up on some things when " he" isn't interested in what concerns me - You have motivated me - Thanks guru x

  2. mine is only interested in stuff that involves rust and 2 stroke , but i was raised by my dad so its not hard to yes dear in the right places

  3. I just love you. Or admire. Or maybe be a little afraid of you. You can choose. I'm having terrible autunm, I'm off to foreign lands when I'm supposed to be harvesting :-( I mean really, I have work trips I can't reschedule and I know no-one at home will do nothing in the veggie path or greenhouses. Maybe oldest will go fetch odd cob of corn and pick the lonely mushroom by the old compost but what about my runner beans, courgettes, pumpkins, chard... But I've not given up even it's only me who's interested.
    I'm trying to prepare for the winter, but this working spree is totally distroying my efforts for a while. And we did have the first very cold night last night, in my garden there wasn't frost but I know in the more open area there was.

    1. im facing problems today himself is drugged off his face so he expects me to be at his beck and call all day sort of disabled stroppy toddler mode , everytime i pop to the kitchen im leaping out the back door to do 5 minutes in the