Wednesday 22 June 2022

the truth is Out Their ...somewhere

 Well todays scare the  are throwing Polio in the sewers of London . along with new scarier covid and monkeypox . How do you know what to believe ? theres so little truth out there  thats its drowning in a sea of rubbish . Every where you look its the wonders of the Royals , lying scum from our government , back to the 70s . Cant we just have a nice mainly normal summer ? where you get a bit crispy , say never again and do the same next year ? 

My neighbours have obviously decided to just sit in the front gardens and get hammered every evening , the clank of the bottles going in the recycling sounds worse than a pub , then they get up in the morning as crabby as their arses swearing and shouting at the kids as they drive them to school . I still cant figure out why no one in this village will walk their kids to school its a mile and a half away I miss doing it , instead of going to the gym just walk a bit more. 

My neighbour keeps dropping big hints about cutting her huge front hedge , sadly its not happening shes only a year older than me and has just retired , pay the lads or get a gardener , or maybe just get the exercise and do it herself she has a toyboy whats the problem with him doing it?

Right im afraid im turning into Victor Meldrew , im off out now its cooler to cut my hedge , doubtless to the neighbours taking the piss out of me as they sit with a scooner of wine ...i may be in a better mood another day



  1. I think that you face so many challenges that we would all understand you having a drink or two

    And I miss the children's school
    walk too
    I have never commented before but often read

    1. welcome Siobhan , well i wish i could drink some days but a unit every 6 months is about me , im always on hospital standby so have to have my driving head on these days

  2. I drink - but not if it will affect me taking my son to school the next day. What is wrong with them? And don't get me started on the school run! When bear was at primary school, there were a load of kids getting a car ride for only a few hundred yards, it was ridiculous. I'll drive bear too and from school, but it's eight miles and he's been known to walk half the way and take the bus the rest because he likes the walk. btw, I keep forgetting, but here's a link to the government disease thing. From what I understand, the polio isn't an active case but from people who have had the live vaccine. At least they're not ignoring it.

  3. What is government policy, terrify the electorate into obeying the political class. I discuss the news with my nine year old granddaughter trying to educate her to track down the truth and not believe all she hears and to make her own decisions.