Tuesday 14 June 2016

Do People Just not Listen?

Yesterday I had a meeting with the bank, it all went rather strangely , I saw the nice little girl I usually explain all my woes to and she rang the credit control people and got me to speak to them . I explained that I now hadnt made a single penny from the business in 3 months due to companies failing to pay me and not paying me at the stated rates . That was fine . We did the income part of the interview , then we got to the expenditure part .
We need details of all your debts
These are my debts
No we need your credit and store cards your finance debts etc
Havent got any
Errrrrrr maybe we should go on to something else .
Well we went through the list of stuff and she got quieter and quieter , then she said i will have to put mimimum figures in all the boxes as we cant put zero .
So it seems i should be spending £20 a week on hairdressing and clothes, who knew?
Healthcare dentists and perscriptions £10 a week ...I wish
the list went on and on .
At the end she said that we couldnt possibly be living on the amount we have coming in and I had to explain that we are part of the lucky estimated 20,000 couples trapped in the benefits limboland created by the switch to universal credit .
She then said she was terribly sorry the best she could do was give me a 60 day break from the endless phone calls,letters and fees. Then set up a review for August to see if the situation had changed .
At this point im grateful for anything .
Now im off to talk to EE ...see if they can explain why when i rang to pay my contract mobile the price was twice what it usually is !! Wish me luck


  1. Oh god the times I've had these sort of conversations, drives me up the wall

  2. Been there... done that.... It will one day get better.

  3. That is so funny! Some people can't understand "broke means broke". Still you wont have the phone calls to bother your brain and you have time to think of a strategy to fill in those boxes to your advantage!!