Sunday 12 June 2016

A Party Political Broadcast from the Old Biddy Party

Today having spent the weekend in Thetford Forest listening to rather good psychobilly and ska , drinking my last tin of G&T for the foreseeable future and setting the world to rights with various scooterist affiliates , I thought we would have of one of my crystal ball looks at the current political scene .
Finally someone has stated the bleedin obvious fact that even if we vote leave it doesnt mean we will leave . Thankyou Samcams stepdad for pointing that one out .
It seems the referendum is a useless farce , we the voting members of the public have no say in whether we leave the EU or not , it is down to a vote by MPs and the Lords and even dear old Queenie who if she wanted to be a pain could flatly refuse to sign and stamp the paperwork , it would perhaps be a fitting tribute to her 90th birthday , "Oh dear Mr Cameron , I cant find a pen "
 I rather enjoyed watching Dave get a good mauling by a second generation Indian gentleman who stated another pretty obvious fact , that he cant get a GP or school place for his children and cant afford to buy a garden shed in the London borough in which he lives due to immigration  . sadly Dave and his little gang of public schoolboys do not grasp that these are the issues that matter to us the working class . It left him stood there flapping waffling and just not answering the questions . Well he could hardly shoot down the bloke with the usual , you are racist .
Im thinking of opening a branch of Hug A Corbyn , the more i see this bloke the more i want to take him home and feed him . But its his quiet smug little grin I like . he reminds me some what of Yoda , small inconsequential and really badass in an emergency . He really doesnt have to do a lot does he just quietly stand there at the ballot box calmly telling the truth as he drowns in Cameron sweat and the bile of the Tories . Dont underestimate this strange little beardy , ive a feeling hes just bidding his time and enjoying the Tory Party imploding . His own Party loathe him they want another Tony Blair but once The Chilcott Enquiry hits the ground somehow I dont think being a Blairite will be quite so popular .
Sadly the referendum is turning into a vote on immigration , we dont object to immigration , we object to the idiotic levels that have been allowed . Immigrants have enriched this country in so many ways . The vote to stay or leave shouldnt rest on a single theme its about so much more , our appalling inexperienced, no common sense government  , have merely shown us how spineless and useless they are . We should let the oldies take over they seem to be the only people showing a common sense approach to the whole situation, regardless of the party they support .

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