Tuesday 10 December 2019

Election Time

Well the will to blog is dwindling with xmas on the horizon , nothing new there im afraid . its just an even more depressing xmas spirit than usual .
The election process has degenerated into he said, she said .  But i will say this we have spent an awful lot of time using the NHS in the last few years with my other half and his strange medical emergencies.  The huge furor over the child on the floor in A&E  is a bit of a strange one , weve seen plenty of kids curled up on coats on the floor of A&E and in the chairs , weve visited when theres been so many puking kids in A&E its standing room only and pensioners were still waiting for transport at 3am when the clinic they visited finished at 2pm  . When the ambulances are queing down the road to drop people off .  The staff deserve medals on a daily basis , but people get seen they get treated and nobody is asked whether they can afford it .  The NHS has been betrayed by every party for years it cant be run on the cheap .  But we can be sure that Boris plans to sell it off to someone , to many people are living to long because of the NHS and him and his band of elitist twerps dont have to use it so they dont care if it founders .
 Every service and facility we have had to use has been 10 times worse for being given over to private companies , from the risk averse surgeons who will only help those who are the perfect patients who will give them the wonderful figures that show to prove  how much money they are saving .  But if you offer to pay suddenly all the reasons they cant help you vanish. Centralisation of services where you travel miles to see someone for 5 minutes.  GPs who dont have the time to treat anyone , its endless .
Needing the NHS comes to all of us eventually think long and hard where you put that cross

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