Friday 9 March 2018

All Snotted Up

Forgive my break due to ill health, I ended up once again with the snot virus from hell , a real sleep 20 hours a day and wander round the house like something from a 50s horror movie  , in fact i now have wonderful infected sinuses and difficulty moving as ive coughed so much . So im just wandering round like the Wrath of God at the moment , wondering why nothing appears to have been done in the house for over a week !!! and struggling with the decision of who to kill first....its a hard choice . 
The one moaning because hes got no clean socks or the muppet who never thought to take the mouldy batch of towels out of the washer ?  People who moan because Im not available for the school run or childcare ?
My current favourite is my OH who has just now informed me because im up and about now , hes booked to go and look at a car tomorrow at Hunstanton , he cant drive and ive just tried to demolish the gatehole while having a coughing fit , hes a bright bugger bless him


  1. Hope you feel better soon and that I won't be reading in the paper that you have been had up for murder!!

  2. You have my sympathy, the dose I had at Christmas was dreadful and took weeks to feel better.

  3. I had this for the entire month of February so I completely sympathize. I though I'd broken a couple of ribs at one point from coughing so hard!
    I'm afraid that I think all those you live with need a good kick up the ass! I say take to your bed and let them all fend for themselves!

  4. Not in the least surprised the Sinus Bacteria from Hades has made its way across the pond. Like Margie, I had this for all of February. The penicillin required to kill it also annihilated the gut bacteria useful in digestion: be prepared to eat quarts of yoghurt!

  5. I will avoid the road to sunny Hunny this week then. The people in your house need to buck up their ideas!