Tuesday 29 August 2017


Have things improved....mmmmmm  well my mood has, though the practicalities of life have not .
So lets answer a few questions on my last post ,
Sadly you are not allowed to video these assessments though we did have our case worker there as an  impartial witness , some people have taped them without anyone being aware and there have been attempts to prosecute some assessors but the DWP and Capita refuse to provide their identities and its progressing to the High Court to whom the DWP and Capita are not responding to.
You must provide all your evidence of disability to the assessor on the day , we were not due for reassessment for another year so dont have a lot that is up to date , she refused to look at what we did have and we cant now submit it at a later date , they have just refused the last consultants report we sent them . Ho hum we will take it to the tribunal with us , in the distant future when we get a date .
The mandatory reconsideration was sent back as refused so it does have to be a tribunal .Yes our caseworker is handling the appeal process , bless her she needs a medal .
So thats it. we are at a bit of a dead end until we get the dates and we gather theres a huge backlog at the moment
So now lets get to the cheerful stuff , my wageslip shows about half what i expected for this month , nothing changing their , still hoping i dont have to give up work just so we can get the rent payed , the Welfare Help have just passed the buck back to the caseworker again , insisted we apply again for a different variation of ESA that we have tried before and they just say we arent entitled to ...AARRGGHH
Big plus i did a car boot sale that made a bit more than usual so ive splurged on yellow label turkey mince and liver and dreadful cheap sausages so we wont starve , meanwhile im trying to be an ostrich over the mountains of apples and pears we are currently infested with ..lol  The huge potato crop needs lifting im using my 8 year old slave a lot more now, he doesnt seem to mind that  im now his only childcare due to him being a very naughty boy at holiday club
 Raspberry glut is very visably coming in the next couple of weeks then its cob nuts , so easy to store, then im thinking its time to find a cheap grinder cum blender and make nuts for baking ...seems like a good idea but i cant find much about using native nuts to cook with , but im game .
Just remembered i have a gallon of red wine vinegar , it was cheap thats my excuse, so may try pickled pears im sure it was a hairy biker recipe ?
Not much canning im afraid , due to electric costs , does my head in, ive a large collection of Kilners that i wont be able to afford to fill this year ......being skint is no fun at all !!!


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  2. I hope and pray that one of the many benefits out there under various guises has your name on it. Can you put an advert on a free page to offering a share of your produce for a lesson in canning. Use their kitchen, electricity and you both get something out of it. The wheels of progress are moving very slowly for you. Tx

  3. I stored cobnuts for over a year in a kilner jar in their shells and just used them as needed. They are almost the same as hazlenuts so I just used them instad. Sorry to hear about your situation.

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  6. Katie you and Mr Bahumbug do not need to cope with faecal incontinence. If he is unabe to control his bowels please speak to the Practice nurse at your doctors surgery!. A bowel regieme can be started , basically medication to constipate then medication to make him go on the third day. You and Mr Bah humbug would then not need to cope with unexpected and distressing escapes of poo. Is not new has been done for years to help people and families who have someone with no bowel control.

    1. this was discussed , but the consultant decided it was a bad idea because he musnt be constipated at all due to his unstable fracture

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  8. Ok Katie there are other options, faecal binding bulking medication does not constipate means poo comes out in a large amount so not constipated called macrogel. Can regulate to every 2 or three days at a certain time depends when given. Also faecal bags they stick around anus and collect poo especially watery type.
    If life is so affected by poo incontinence affecting Mr Ba Humbugs mental health another option is a stoma and bag attached,
    Bizarre why unstable fracture is not being pin and plated? Can be done without general anaesthetic.

  9. My son's mandatory consideration was also sent back as refused, his case worker applied for a tribunal hearing, wrote him a wonderful 'further information section' on the form relating everything back to his autism/Apergers eg. Jamey suffers from severe anxiety when using public transport which is a common feature of autism. Keep referring all hubby's issues back to his condition and write about what it's like on his very worst day, not that he can sometimes cope. Such as he cannot cope with...(Fill in the blank)due to his mobility problems caused by... He cannot make a meal as his mobility issues mean he is a danger to himself and others using kitchen equipment. Really lay it on thick. The doctor and assessor at the tribunal are independent and will know more about the condition. My son received zero points initially and after the first appeal, then suddenly (Before it even got to tribunal but after his case worker wrote on his behalf) he was awarded more than enough to qualify for both living and mobility, no reassessment for 10 years, and backdated to the date he first applied giving him a large lump sum. I really hope you can get someone to help you and that eventually you get the positive result you deserve. Hugs and wishing you both all the best, Helen x