Tuesday 11 July 2017

Just Knit It

So in the depths of the dry and arid wastelands that are the fen edge what have i been up to?  Truthfully not a lot , work has dried up , we dont do a whole lot during the school holidays , plus theres the small matter of the receivership and the new investors the men in charge are currently threshing out a deal with .  Its surprising how much i can save by not going to work , so we are just managing on the odd car boot and a bit of ebay at the moment , our caseworker has gone off sick so nothing much happening in the world of form filling and scrounging off the state .
Im just building up to restarting the ebay shop during the school holidays and for a change i will run it into xmas  , I decided its better to car boot and have a good clear out through the decent weather , the local car boot is now free , so if i make £20+ a week selling total crap I can live with that and it keeps us in bread milk and fuel .
  Theres a certain snobbery at the car boots , the stall holders are mainly men of a certain age who are as miserable as sin and class a £100 a week as their pocket money . I had a bit of a spat with one next to me the other week .

I wouldnt get out of bed to sell the shit you do .


Bloody junk that should go in the bin .

I view it as recycling , theres a use for everything .

Your even giving stuff away, whats the bloody point in that .

I was giving away a box of jam jars and a box of eggboxes , I knew someone would have a use for them.  I also give away stuff im sick of the sight of ..lol  the ends of stuff ive had a big pile of , or the cant be bothered to pack it back into the car stuff . The eggboxes got me a dozen lovely eggs from the lady who took them , im more than happy with that .

Its such a spiteful selfish world we live in and its the little things that make me happy . sitting outside at 5am reading , because the hot flushes are back with a vengeance stress methinks .  The orchids growing in the lawn hence the peculiar cutting pattern..lol  , bee watching in the clover beds  etc etc

Meanwhile this bit of tattyness brought a smile to my face , take a close look at the red hat at the back , yep back in the 60s it was acceptable to mount a golliwog on top of you kids head .....how times have changed


  1. How times have changed indeed, but not always for the better. I'm probably going to get shot down in flames but I believe things were more innocent back then. When I watched the Morecombe and Wise show and they were in bed together, not once did I believe they were gay. Nor was the room filled with the homophobic phrases that are banded about today. When I saw a Golliwog and they were prolific during my childhood and teens it was the little man off the marmalade jar. I even had a black baby doll that I loved because it had earrings. Apparently there is a huge market for black dolls but very few places stock them for fear of backlash. What a sad world we live in! I know the sort of CARBOOTERS you mean and yes they're t@ssers! I agree I would much rather 12 eggs and get rid of a bit of recycling than money. I'm pleased you are managing but hope you get the help you deserve soon. Sorry for the RANT!

  2. To be given a dozen fresh eggs in exchange for empty egg boxes is marvellous, the sort of friendly barter system that used to be common. My OH is going to fit a length of skirting board for a neighbour, in return he's offered to valet our car (he used to be a valeter). We regularly exchange homegrown veg and fruit with neighbours, we might be growing things that they aren't and vice versa. Yes life back in the 60s/70s was so much simpler and more innocent, I well remember the M & W show, and collecting the marmalade labels to send off for Golliwog badges.

  3. Now wondering what happened to my Robinsons golly badges. I always wanted one of the little models but never got one. And I had a black doll, with earings, she was called Patsy.
    Hope things carry on ticking over for you and get better too.

  4. It's funny. As a child it never even crossed my mind that a golly on a jam jar could be seen as a depiction of a black person. It was just a golly. I never saw a conection.

  5. It is wonderful that you were given eggs in exchange for boxes and also wonderful that you managed to recycle some stuff rather than it go into land fill. Ignore those that pass comment, they are not worth bothering about. Hope you manage to sustain your stock and are able to make a bit of money.

  6. It might not be acceptable to put a hat like that on a child's head these days, but for some, casual racism is still ok. My daughter and her boyfriend have to deal with it whenever they are out together, despite the fact that they live in a multi cultural city.
    It may have all seemed innocent 'back in the day' but I doubt that black people thought so. Thank god things have moved on for some of us, though not all after what we heard had come out of a Tory MP's mouth recently. Doubtless the apologists think that was acceptable too.
    I'd much rather recycle stuff by giving it away too, and the woman was obviously pleased to have received them.£20 extra makes a huge difference when you are skint... I've been there.

  7. I too had a golly doll back in the 1940s - made from one of my Nana's black woolly stockings.

  8. Love the gift of eggs in return for egg boxes! As for cheeky neighbours, one more cross to bear. Car boots do bring together a funny mixture of people, some lovely and some just greedy! - amongst buyers and sellers! Good Luck!