Tuesday 27 June 2017

What Fun

So to celebrate destitution I buggered off on a trip to London , my birthday trip from my daughter so all paid for and done in advance . We took the Munchkin on his first trip to a gig rather than a big concert . Alan Doyle and the Beautiful Gypsies.  At the Bush Hall in Shepherds Bush , lovely venue fantastic staff only the size of a large pub , former music hall and bingo hall and you could take kids!!! We were sheltering from the sun round the side of the venue and the munchkin chimes up
Hello Alan !! sign my Ipod case for me
Next thing i know hes been kidnapped by a dodgy Canadian bloke and vanished into the venue to meet the band ..lol
He reappeared well pleased and laden with freebies , what can i say theyre a band of real nice folks . We were right at the front and they stopped for a natter with the munchkin half way through the gig ..lol..hes never stopped singing since we got back


On the destitution front ....you all worry to much , we are fine for a couple of months at least , its going to be grim but its been grim in the past and weve managed .
For those from abroad , let me explain . Because i am self employed i receive nothing from the state if sick or out of work for 6 months . it makes no difference if we split up , I would still receive nothing. Mr Bah Humbug would receive something if i left him , not much and it would be eaten up by carers fees , he still wouldnt be given anything to live on until his appeal is heard and their are layers to the appeals which the government is spending on lawyers to fight the appeals thats why it takes so long . Many of the appeals are queuing for the High Courts that can take up to 2 years , they hope you die during this time !!
A benefits queen "friend" of the type you see on the TV , never worked , different ailment everytime they threaten her with work, all the kids statemented with different problems did give me some advice.
I should dump Mr BH  in the Local Jobcenter and scream the place down about how hes incontinent and let him crap all over the floor , thats what she would do !!  They soon cough up then ...REALLY!!
In the world where i live you just plant another 20 cabbage plants , and dig out the bed pads you made before we got the damned PIP payments in the first place and just get on with it......

Thanks for all your kind words , we have internet for another 2 months  , so i will keep you posted


  1. What a great experience for the Munchkin. I can't imagine that will be forgotten in a hurry. I'm glad you enjoyed your trip and I do hope it took your mind off your worries for a little while.
    Sending hugs. X

  2. Belated Birthday wishes, sounds like a great trip I am thrilled you enjoyed yourselves. Some nice memories to look back on.

  3. I could weep for you Katie, I really could.

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  5. I'm reading in America, and completely get the situation as well as you, Ms Katie. Hope you hang tough! Laura

  6. When in the past I had financial disasters comming ,celebration was my way of getting stronger.I am glad that you had a great time in London.Sending caring thoughts your way .

  7. Belated birthday wishes, pleased you and the munchkin had a great time. At least it was an escape from all the worries. I wish I had some advice for you but I never been in that situation and that's why I find it hard to comprehend. I hope e you have some luck soon.

  8. Hi hun,
    Have you looked at this website it might help you;-
    it is a website on our side :) I am also awaiting my pip assessment.It says that before you appeal you need to ask for a mandatory reconsideration first.
    Hope this helps.*Fingers crossed* for your hubbie, me and everyone else who needs this benefit and should rightly get it!.