Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Election Eve Broadcast

So here we are nearly at the finishing post ...
And all I can think to say is what a shower of shit are asking for our votes
 Mr Corbyn is a decent honest bloke from a different universe , if he wins we are condemning him to the most poisonous job ever , trying to sort out Brexit . there has been lots of truly evil press and TV against him , but he seems to have enjoyed the whole campaigning experience . Hes doesnt seem to be phased by any of it . now there attacking Diane Abbot endlessly because shes not such a polished professional as some of the others .
Mrs May , well youve had seven years to make any impact on the whole terrorism scenario but seem to be more pleased that youve saved a bit of cash on policing . Sorry love but we have a whole generation of mainly young men in this country who your policies increasingly marginalise , they have no jobs no purpose no future and a few  muslim ones think they have found a purpose in terrorism .
So im going to ask some pretty callous question here .

 Does the money thats been saved outweigh the loss and ruining of lives you have caused ?

The magic money tree that means you cant give anyone in the NHS a proper pay rise have a different branch for funding Trident missiles ?

I travel all over the county of Lincolnshire and the sea of blue placards in pensioners gardens would imply that theyre all going to be voting Tory ,like turkeys voting for Xmas , theres not a thing I can change about that fact.

The one thing ive gathered from this whole campaign is that the press and TV are disgusting and biased, its pretty obvious to anyone , I dont think for one minute Mr Corbyn is an IRA sympathizer but equally i cant believe the disgusting articles stating that Mrs Mays father was involved in one of the churches pedophile scandals .

So vote for whoever you choose thats my verdict , I dont mind who it is . But please vote , express an opinion do something thats all i ask


  1. I will vote but there's hardly any point as it's been blue in most areas of Suffolk for ever! Goodness knows how it can be changed

  2. I will certainly vote, that is the beauty of a democratic society.

  3. I've already voted as I have a postal vote.
    I'd be thrilled if Jeremy Corbyn became PM, he's a man of integrity and a breath of fresh air. We live in the "posh" part of town and there isn't a blue banner to be seen, the only posters in windows are red.

  4. I am not yet ready to jump ship and have voted Labour. The Party has gone through some rough times since its incepotion. Up to now I have agreed with you on all things political's hoping

  5. By the looks of instagram this morning, a lot of people are voting Labour in my area. Whoever gets in, we are in for a bumpy ride, at least us ' have nots ' know how to tighten our belts and keep a stiff upper lip...