Wednesday 7 December 2016

Thank Your Lucky Stars

Now sometimes the Thrift Gods do smile upon me . So try not to laugh at this one . I attended .The Cats in Crisis Jumble Sale on Saturday , usual wonderful prices and mountains of stuff , now i was very lame and gimpy and full of painkillers so wasnt joining in the bunfight , i got a sweatshirt that didnt fit a cushion cover that does and a shirt for the material , spent not a lot . So i hadnt spent my budget and got some raffle tickets just because you can never give enough to a pussy at xmas .
Well i didnt take a bag, so to me it seemed quite logical to just reach under the table and buy one for 50p , took it home looked at it properly and thought thats quite nice leather might use that . Looked at it again and noticed it was branded Mulberry , now I'm quite a failure as a consumer and a female shopper . So when my daughter and her posh friend came home I chucked it to her and said do you want this for xmas?  we are a joke present for xmas family and we get great amusement on spending as little as possible . She grabbed it looked and said are you kidding me , this is real isnt it ?
Yep you guessed id accidently grabbed a genuine Mulberry handbag , complete with registration numbers and all the other weird stuff that the fakers dont get right .
So my daughters 50p xmas present would have cost an awful lot of money new , her posh mate was horrified she paid £750 for hers , my daughters vintage Mulberry cost 50p in really good condition just missing the clip on shoulder strap . Shes now using it for court so i cant even get a photo
Even better I got a phonecall to say id won on the raffle , picked it up and it was a brand new boxed blender a big posh glass one  , we all sat round and looked at it , then decided we had no use for it all , dont make smoothies just eat the back to charity it has gone ....
And just for giggles take a look at this i noticed the other day , I just have visions of this guy sat watching Emmerdale with his slippers on and a cup of tea while slaughtering a cow , my mind works in strange ways


  1. Love this, it doesn't happen often does it but when it does its wonderful.
    Your ad reminded me of one in the Hospital on one of our many visits, 'IN CASE OF FIRE EVACUATE' my mind works in a funny way too, I just thought it might be a tad messy. lol

  2. Good find, although I've no idea what a Mulberry handbag is!

    1. Good Sue neither did I , still baffled how a rather nice bag could cost so much new , its all a bit emperor's new clothes methinks

  3. In one of my short stories I needed to write about an expensive handbag and had to ask a colleague for suggestions. A Mulberry Bayswater was her suggestion.

  4. Now that is one impressive find. I know the name because there used to be so many fakes around the local market. I am thrilled for you and your daughter.

  5. What a lucky day and you are right "Home Killed Meat" really does make your imagination run wild! Jane xx