Sunday 4 December 2016

I Got Paid !!!

So they actually paid me a lot of the back money i was owed , did I rush out and pay my creditors...NOOOOO as a card carrying member of the feckless poor , I went grocery shopping and then recklessly squandered a whole £2 in a charity shop in Boston that is having a closing down sale , cant remember its name for the life of me but there was lots of wondrous bargains and its located in a tudor black and white building near the Guildhall museum .

This had to be posted because it reminds me so much of   its so very Rockabilly . I love seeing the occasions they visit even if it is the other side of the world .

As for me , I treated myself to another vintage jigsaw I know i have a problem with them but they dont do counselling for a thrift shop habit . And anyway it has blokes in kilts and edinburgh castle so what more can i want ?
On the subject of what more can i want , ive been practically banging my head against a wall with Mr Bah Humbug and his daft xmas gift suggestions , bleedin men , he cannot get his head around the fact that im serious about wanting either a decent frying pan or a silicon rolling pin or even a decent mandolin not a v cutter . He says theyre not gifts .
 I have tried with all of them this year i dont want more concert or event tickets  ive loved the ones this year but they have practically killed me and Mr Bah Humbug .
My xmas shopping is practically done, more origami for the munchkin is bought , my daughter has got the most expensive present shes ever going to get ( we will give you a laugh about this one shortly ) and son wanted a £5 tshirt on its way from China , im a little worried that they may be sending it by container . Mr Bah Humbug just to get , hes not a problem his narrow view of clothing makes it easy , if its not khaki , camo or original star wars  he wont wear it
Young Baldrick has disowned me publicly on facebook , bless him , Ive a feeling this is the fallout from the hospital trip causing this , plus a week at his mothers for his 21st , that he forgot to mention after we had organised a big tea for him . He didnt get that we dont do birthdays because of lack of funds, hed been posting online all the stuff he wanted and seemed to think we would get him him a tablet computer for his birthday , in this house you get a cake , tea and a card sunshine .
Just got to get a vile xmas card for my mother and thats xmas organised


  1. Thank God you got paid, hope they still owe you more and get it sorted soon.
    Love that puzzle, there's something about old Victory puzzles with their chunky wooden bits.

  2. Fancy you going grocery shopping with your pay - you rebel you!! lol. It's lovely to be able to have treats that bring us so much pleasure (like the puzzle) for so little money.

  3. So glad you got your pay at last.
    Love the knitting pattern-x-

  4. Mary Maxim is still in business and still issuing graph patterns!

    I just finished one for my son. Every so often one of the old ones shows up in thrift stores or the dreaded ebay. They go for around $75CDN.

  5. I am thrilled that you finally got paid. I love the knitting pattern, I have several very similar ones. Glad you have managed to get Christmas sorted.

  6. I've got that knitting pattern in my stash, I can't knit for toffee but there's something so delightfully camp about those Mary Maxim patterns that I can't part with them (I've also got the Vespa & American Eagle)
    Happy to hear that you've been paid.
    Xmas doesn't start till 24th, does it? It can get stuffed as far as I'm concerned, xxx

    1. lol..wont you be topping up your tan by then

  7. Groceries! You bought Groceries! I love that you bring home to a larger audience just how so many live and economize. Now, if only Baldrick could figure it out. Keep on, keeping on.

  8. Kate, I utterly love that knitting pattern. Are you listing it on ebay?