Sunday 19 November 2023

Bang Your Head

Its that time of the year again , ive lost the will to breathe , every year im the same it gets to the dark months and the will to live disappears no amount of vitamins , weird herbal remedy's or SAD lighting does a lot of good im just  a morbid minny once it gets dark. I feel the temperature changes in every bone and tendon this year its allover the place weather wise which isnt helping . For the first time in a decade we have tons of food and tons of heating oil , himselfs pretty stable health wise , he hasnt been in an ambulance for months so why do i get like this , i think this year its particularly bad due to all the hassle over Mummy Dearest . Just last week i had a phone call from a social worker asking if we were satisfied with her care and did we have any complaints ? all a bit strange . I did say why dont you go visit her and see , but apparently they arent allowed unless theres a complaint logged ???  We are just glad when shes not attacked anyone or done herself an injury.  We then get a call from a neighbour to say the boiler has packed up ...AARRGGHHHH  so my daughter had to do the trip out there , she only got the boiler a few years ago and it had an extended warranty . So the company came out  only to tell us that the warranty is void because the property is empty and it hasnt been serviced this year AAARRGGGHHHH , they charged us £400 for the callout and to order the part we await with interest the final bill , we still cant get any money from Grannys estate , so daughter has an interest free credit card  its all we could think off . It will get sorted eventually but how long is a bit of string? 

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