Wednesday 10 May 2023


 Wanders in , before i need to wander out ..busy garden season im afraid , epic amounts of rain have turned it all into a lush green paradise that i need to control a little .  Between himself being a bit of an epic nuisance , shouting and balling at the munchkin for the whole neighbourhood to hear and the munchkin belting round the garden on a scooter they have resurrected , They are now  performing  an epic rebuild from parts that have languished in boxes for more than ten years of some very expensive pile of rust that he tells me will be his last project .If i believe that i will believe anything .

  He has an appointment for one of his many little day surgery jobs that will leave him helpless for at least a month at the end of the month , hence the frantic gardening im indulging in . Its a good bet i will be on nursey duties for at least a week 24/7 so im really looking forward to this ...and the shouting !!  But at least the munchkin will be here for his school holidays so can help move him. He was supposed to have a little nip and tuck work done last week he turned up and they said it wasnt quite bad enough yet see you in six months . Im not sure if they will do his day surgery either but we will see , he had his blood tests done yesterday and thats when stuff usually gets put back .

So life plods on as normal , trying to shop cheaply gets harder and harder and the total abscence of Lidl cheap fruit and veg boxes is one of the main reasons for expanding the garden back to its pre most of the family leaving home size , im working my way through the bags of fruit in the freezer in an array of pies and crumbles and keep promising myself i will find a vacuum bag sealer at the jumble 

So heres todays question what little extras do you think we should be looking for to add to next winters food stores ?  mine is powdered egg , its not cheap but it does come in useful with egg supply being a tad hit and miss at the moment .


  1. Plenty of dried beans and lentils. Cook up a whole bag or two and then freeze in portions. Bung them in soups, curries, casseroles and pies.

  2. Ground coffee.
    Life without it for me isn’t worth getting up for.

  3. I’ ve never tried powdered egg but once used liquid egg white to make meringues. I fill the freezer with soup and cooked quorn mince but think I would try and stock up on tinned goods if I can find some at a reasonable price. Good luck with your nursey duties and hope the munchkin can help you. Catriona

  4. Over here in the states, vlogs that feature "Depression Cooking" and "WWII Cooking Hacks" are popular. Having both kept chickens and eaten powdered egg as a child, I definitely vote for stocking up on powdered egg. Better that than dusting hens' vents for lice.