Monday, 8 August 2022

Mildly Ranting

 So heres one for thought once the heat dries up do you chuck all the half bags of flour and yeast etc and replace for the winter . Its not something i carry huge doomesday prepper stocks of i dont vacuum seal it or keep it in the freezer in plastic . So in my case the answer is yes because even though i dont take a blind bit of notice of use by dates it can go sour with the heat weve been having.

For the last couple of weeks we havnt been able to make a online order with Morrisons due to over half of what we needed being out of stock . Tescos it was then , not a bad effort all but one item turned up , the oranges are all squashed  but i didnt notice at the time otherwise i would have sent them back . there delivery was also a bit cheaper only by  couple of quid but every little helps . We are going to become increasingly reliant on home delivery but we can only afford to order once a month theres no access to fresh fruit and veg if we dont travel , theres a bit of garden fruit and veg till the winter , but that means we will be reliant on cheap frozen veg , fruit wise theres not much i can get i cant have seeds at all . Himself is so bloody picky sometimes its unreal .  nearly all the delivery services dont cover our postcodes and to be honest we couldnt afford to use them anyway . Sometimes i get banana cravings im becoming more dietary restricted over time but the latest pills seem to be a huge improvement so im cautiously trying stuff ive not eaten for years . Cant wait to see what this winter brings food wise i suspect it may be interesting   

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  1. Sending good vibes. Are you anywhere near a Co-op, because sometimes they deliver. I've been happy with Tesco for years, but I think you need to pick and choose. Everything is so expensive.