Thursday, 4 October 2018

Moan Moan Moan

In my bid to become top moaning old biddy blogger , heres a few petty annoyances ...
Morrisons , oh dear theyve gone and modernised the Lincoln branch somewhat , we now have a party shop and endless homeware and clothes. I would quite like to buy food and have aisles wide enough to get more than a couple of trolleys up and down . I quite like morrisons and go every two or three months , mainly to stock up on pigs liver , its cheap and they sell it year round .
I know we are a student city and most of them are lovely but why does everything have to be geared towards them , the older generation exist, in fact they even have mature students , they would quite like a few more individual everyday shops . Individual shops seem to be all in the cathedral quarter , great if your a tourist , but in season and weekends you cant get near or park cheaply .  Business rates being what they are, everything is bleedin extortionate Uphill !!
Dentists , weird moan time , now im a strange person , i find touchy feely people impossible, i hate to be touched, it makes me want to throw up , hairdressers are a no go , doctors are cringe worthy , our new dentist in sing song friendly and foreign , lovely bouncy girl havent a clue what nationality she is , in fact i can barely understand her . I had to take Mr Bah Humbug last week and something just died inside , she touchy feely and i know i would end up going for her , its the only dentist that takes NHS ive got goosebumps just thinking about her ....AAARRGGGHH . try explaining that your childhood was bloody grim to most people and they look at you gone out , it can take years to get where i trust someone enough to let them even put a hand on my arm .

Jumble Sales all over this weekend , in fact i cant physically get to them all . 12.30 Harmston,  1.00 Branston Booths ,  Langworth 2.00, theres also one at Billinghay but the  sign was to small to see the time aarrggghh


  1. I'm not loving T***o at the moment. I would happily knock ours down and build a Morrison's if I could.

  2. Finally i find somebody like me ,what's with all this hugging a lot of it is so false anyway , I don't like my own space invaded , That's reserved for my husband and daughter, I have the same problem this week with jumble sales two good ones are on at the same time one is slightly better than the other so i will choose that one xxx

  3. Not a jumble sale in sight anywhere round here - sadly.

    I'm not touchy feely either

  4. You'd hate me then cos I am dead touchy feely.

  5. Jumble sales are an endangered species in this part of the world (posh Surrey Hills). The nearest equivalent is car boots. Charity shops are very expensive.

  6. They modernised our Morrison's earlier this year and the aisles are so long now you've done your days exercise by the time you leave. Wow betide you forgetting something you can add another 1000 steps quite easily.

  7. I'm with you on the touchy feely thing. I hate it when you feel someone coming in to hug, ugh, or worse do the kiss on each cheek thingy, even with family. The only people I feel comfortable giving or receiving a hug from are my kids and Tom, all others give me the creeps, and not genuine.
    Gone are the days when we would do the jumble rounds, haven't got the energy now. I remember we went on our bikes and came back loaded with black bags full, nothing better than tipping it all out and sorting through it all. lol
    Good luck, hope they are good ones.

  8. I haven't come across a jumble sale yet and the car boot sales are a rarity. When there is one it consists of around 6 cars...

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