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Saturday, 1 February 2014

Dolly Daydream

When I was a kid , my cousin had a dolly that I coveted . I whinged and whined every birthday and xmas until someone gave in and I received a Tiny Tears . Once again ungrateful child appeared, I did not want a baby doll that could wee , I loathed all baby dolls . I never got another doll except for a Tressy whos head I severed , that got me another beating . Honestly I wasnt a tiny sociopath just a little bit misunderstood.

Then on a visit to the Salvation Army , there was a battered cellulose foot sticking out from a pile of cuddly toys ,it was worth a look and there she was the doll of my childhood dreams . Palitoy cellulose and beautiful  , complete with her dodgy wig , knitted undies and ruby red lips . The lady on the till said she wasnt suitable for children , maybe, but this big kid carried her round like a babe in arms all day for the stunning sum of £2.50.  Can you spot the problem with a Tiny Tears as a substitute , I love creepy dolls

Shes pictured here as I was practicing DIY gynecology on her , still havent got her legs back on , im informed I need a bait hook , and theres a lake between the fishing shed and the house at the moment . So shes a WIP  , but then i guess i need to make her a 50s dolly gown  , if i made the gown maybe nobody would notice that shes handicapped at the moment

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