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Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Mini Thrift Haul

I went looking for the Nomad Trust Charity Shop today , they had hid themselves in an empty unit on Sincil Street , at least they hadnt put their prices up and they have tons of space so their now selling furniture dirt cheap as well , on the downside theres nowhere to park its in the pedestrian precinct and the parking charges mean i wont be a frequent visitor .
But look i found a few bits of something of a miracle in todays wonderful blow you off our feet weather , Horrocks single flat sheet so  70s groovy it hits you in the face, to sell or not to sell undecided, yet more pillowcases for the collectionin the pink im currently hexi quilting. Meanwhile in the world of Pyrex this small casserole , design and maker unknown  it does have a brown lid that fits , thought my daughter might like it for her collection , she informs me shes starting a bottom

On another plus front I have a Valentines package from the States which i will reveal on Valentines Day , its the only valentines gift ive ever received , Mr Bah Humbug doesnt do that sort of thing , but he does a good Valentines rant so were not encouraging him out to go shopping at the moment . It makes him sound a right misery but hes not as bad as my ex , who sent me a Valentines addressed to someone else. That was a man with

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